2 Families Watch Hennepin County Sentencing Closely

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2 Families Watch Hennepin County Sentencing Closely

Steven Markey’s family will be in a Hennepin County courtroom Monday afternoon awaiting sentencing for Husayn Braveheart, who reached a plea deal with Hennepin County Prosecutor Mary Moriarty’s office for his role in the murder of the four of Markey, 39. years ago in Minneapolis.

Another man, Jered Ohsman, pleaded guilty to shooting Markey to death and received a 21-year prison sentence. Braveheart, who was 15 at the time and was charged as an adult with accessory to Markey’s death, accepted a plea deal that would place him on probation for five years if he stays out of criminal trouble.

If he does not stay out of the judicial system, he could spend 21 years in prison.

But Markey’s family told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they don’t like the plea deal. Markey’s cousin, Kristin Derus Dore, told KSTP that Braveheart’s punishment doesn’t measure up to the severity of the crime.

“Monday is a very important day. We don’t know if we’re going to get justice or if his killer will walk free,” said Derus Dore.

Derus Dore and other members of the Markey family want the judge to throw out the plea deal.

“There is precedent for that. Another judge simply found a statement unreasonable and threw it out,” Derus Dore said. “And that’s what we really hope: that the judge in this case can be our hero.”

Pearll Warren is Antonio Moore’s cousin. He was stabbed to death in Brooklyn Center five months ago and Demetrius Harris was originally charged with second-degree murder. He also accepted a plea deal from Moriarty’s office. Moore is also expected to plead guilty Monday to the lesser charge of second-degree murder.

On October 11, at a rally outside Moriarty’s office, Warren said Moore’s family doesn’t want “justice,” they want “results.”

“We don’t want decisions to be taken blindly into our hands,” Warren said. “We want them to be able to see the evil that’s happening here and not lose these people in the streets; it’s a matter of public safety.”

A spokesperson for Moriarty’s office issued the following statement:

“Our goal is to protect the safety of the community by analyzing the unique circumstances of each case and doing everything possible to prevent something similar from happening again by holding people meaningfully accountable. Sometimes that means a long prison sentence, and in some cases, other tools give us a much better chance of protecting public safety. Our commitment to Steven Markey’s family is that we will do everything we can to prevent another family from suffering such a tragic, senseless and devastating loss. Braveheart has demonstrated extraordinary responsiveness to the carefully curated programming he has received while he has been incarcerated over the past four years. If we disrupt that progress, we will jeopardize public safety and risk everything when it returns to the community. “We can’t take that risk.”

Braveheart and Harris will find out if their plea deals are accepted by two different judges on Monday morning and Monday afternoon.

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