2024 NCAA Wrestling Championships Quarterfinals Match Notes

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Looks like we made it! Four months of the regular season, one weekend of conference championships, and here we are, in the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City getting ready to begin the most excellent tournament of the world’s oldest and greatest sport. 

Match Notes: Session I | Session II

We’re at the 2024 NCAA D1 Wrestling Championships, and we’ll have an account of all the action here for you in real time!

2024 NCAA Championships Watch Party

Have some time to kill before the wrestling starts? Might I recommend spending an hour watching the latest FloSports Original: Spencer & Austin? I’m admittedly biased but in my humble opinion it rules. 

Where Are Brackets?

I’m hoping you came here for the live blog but if you just want the brackets I understand as well. We all crave brackets. Here is the link to the D1 NCAA Championship event page on Trackwrestling. Brackets are very easy to find from there. Sweet sweet brackets. 

What About the Schedule?

Sure, right here. 

Friday, March 22

Session 3 – 12:00 pm (Quarterfinals & Consolations)

Session 4 – 8:00 pm (Championship Semifinals & Round of 12)

Saturday, March 23

Session 5 – 11:00 am (Placing Matches)

Session 6 – 7:00 pm (Championship Finals)

Recognize that info above? That’s because I CUT and PASTED it from previous live blogs. This tournament is progressing fast and furiously so I need to be efficient!

And now we got the quarterfinals, one of the best few hours in all of sports! I win and you’re an All-American! A loss and you have to wrestle in the bloodround! The stakes are sky high!!

Quarterfinals will take placed on four mats, while the other four will have consolation round bouts. It’s all quarterfinal action on this blog though. 

By the way, the numbers before the names in the matchups below are rankings, not seeds!


125: #1 Braeden Davis, Penn State vs #11 Richard Figueroa, Arizona State

 Figueroa in on a shot early, Davis successfully defends. We go to the second still scoreless. Davis escapes after chooses down for the first point of the match. Now Figueroa on bottom, and he gets a reveal early in the period and starts riding. A chin drop almost got nearfall. Still 2-1 Figs. RT over a minute and then Davis escapes for a point. He drives Figueroa out of bounds and Figueroa gets hit for stalling. ASU coaces are not happy. Davis on a shot, a scramble, no score. Less than 10 seconds. Figueroa circling, Davis literally holding his fist up calling for a stall. It’s not coming. Figueroa wins on riding time!

125: #23 Anthony Noto, Lock Haven vs #4 Matt Ramos, Purdue 

No scores after 3 minutes of wrestling. Noto takes bottom in the second. 1-1 in the third now. Going to overtime. Noto in on a shot, Ramos trying to chest wrap him over. Noto covers, and Lock Haven has a semifinalist, Purdue’s runnerup goes down in the quarters. 

125: #2 Drake Ayala, Iowa vs #8 Troy Spratley, Oklahoma State 

Scoreless after one period. Spratley with the first point, an escape. 1-1 n sudden victory. Ayala on the attack on the edge Spratley trying to face him, and three is awarded for Ayala, but we have a challenge from the Cowboy’s corner. Call is upheld, Ayala wins 4-1! The Iowa OSU rivalry is as fierce as ever. 

125: #6 Eric Barnett, Wisconsin vs #13 Caleb Smith, Nebraska

Barnett lunges for a leg and he an Smith engages in a protracted scramble. Smith puts Barnett in neutral danger and gets the takedown, the first points of the match. Barnett escapes and it’s 3-1 going into the second. Barnett riding tough, close to nearfall but no swipes. 3-2, one point lead for for Smith with less than a minute to go. RT point sends this to OT, 3-3. No scores, on to tiebreakers. Barnett is on bottom first and he’s out in 21 seconds. Smith needs to escape in less than that. There’s a scramble, Smith is close to a reversal but Barnett is going to hold on, barely, for the ride out. Or does he? Nebraska wants a challenge. Not sure if they want a reversal or locked hands. We shall see. And whatever the challenge was it fails, call on the mat stands, Barnett is an All-American again! 

Challenges are subject to independent review, by the way. The refs who made the calls on the mat are not the ones doing the review. 

133: #3 Daton Fix, Oklahoma State vs Evan Frost, Iowa State 

Fix, the four-time NCAA All-American, is 2-0 over Frost this season. Fix won by major in the dual but Frost narrowed things to a regular decision at Big 12s. A scoreless first puts Fix on bottom first. He escpaes in the second for the 1-0 lead. 1-1 late in the third, Fix needs some more riding time but Frost escapes with 59 on the clock. Fix in on a deep shot but no score and we go to overtime. More flurries, more Fix attacks and Frost defense, but still 1-1 at the end of sudden victory. On to tiebreakers. Fix takes bottom and is out in 3 seconds. He leads 2-1 going into the second TB period. Frost takes neutral. In on a couple of shots but Fix will hold on to win and is back in the semis. After 10 minutes of wrestling he is a five-time All-American!

133: #5 Dylan Ragusin, Michigan vs Dylan Shawver, Rutgers 

The fourth meeting of the season between three two Dylans. Ragusin won at Midlands and in the dual meet, Shawver won at Big Tens. A couple of nice flurries off the bat and Ragusin ends up with a takedown early. Ragusin putting on a tough ride, has over a minute of riding time. Ragusin gets the ride out, then the escape in the second to lead 4-0. Ragusin takes neutral in the third. He gets a takedown at about the halfway point to make it 4-3, now he cuts Ragusin. Shawver on the attack, Ragusin hit with the stalling, 5-3 Ragusin still leads. Deperation lat drop in the closing seconds fails and Ragusin makes it 9-3 officially. Wolverines have a semifinalist!

133: #6 Kai Orine, NC State vs Vito Arujau, Cornell 

These two did not meet in the regular season but Orine did outplace VIto at the CKLV. Arujau is the defending NCAA and UWW world champion, having won the 61kg senior gold medal in freestyle over the summer after winning the 133lb NCAA title last March. Vito scores first with a nice fireman’s that he converts for three. Orine escapes. Vito back in on a shot but Orine defends. Now Orine goes on the attack but Arujau turns it into 3 more points. Vito leads 6- 1 in the second now. Arujau cruises to a 13-3 win and is back in the semis. 

133: #7 Nasir Bailey, Little Rock vs #1 Ryan Crookham, Lehigh

The true freshman from Little Rock and the redshirt freshman from Lehigh. Crookham is a local to the Lehigh Valley, Bailey comes to Little Rock by way of Chicago. No scores after the first period, Crookham goes underneath first. Crookham escapes and leads 1-0 after 20 seconds. Bailey shoots in, there’s a loooong scramble and Crookham somehow finds his way into a score in shortime. He leads 4-0 going into the third period. Bailey takes neutral. One minute to go in the third. Bailey on the attack, Crookham gets dinged and gives up a stall point. Short time left. Crookham doing a lot of backing up and the Trojan coaches are not happy. Crookham will take the match though, 4-2. 

141: #1 Jesse Mendez, Ohio State vs #8 Brock Hardy, Nebraska 

Mendez won the last time he wrestled Hardy by major at the CKLV. No scores after the first period. Mendez out quickly to make it 1-0. Armbar in and Mendez gets nearfall. Hardy with the reversal, but now Mendez hits a spladle. Oh that’s tough. 30 plus seconds in that position, and mercifully the match ends and Mendez is on to the semifinals. 

141: #5 Anthony Echemendia, Iowa State vs #4 Ryan Jack, NC State 

These two have never wrestled before in college. Bagels on the board after the first. Jack escapes for the first point, then gets hit with stalling to give Ech the tying point. A takedown for Echemendia puts him in the lead. And he stays in the lead, winning 5-3 and giving the Cyclones a semifnials. 

141: #3 Real Woods, Iowa vs #10 Lachlan McNeil, North Carolina 

Woods beat McNeil 8-4 this season at the 2023 Soldier Salute. Zip to zilch following three minutes of wrestling. McNeil gets a point after 35 seconds with an escape. 1-1 now in the third. Cardle for McNeil and he tips Woods oer, he’ll get the takedown and nearfall late in the match. And that’ll do it, big win for McNeil, 7-1 over last year’s runnerup!

141: #22 Vance Vombaur, Minnesota vs #2 Beau Bartlett, Penn State

Two Big Ten competitors that have yet to meet on the mat in their collegiate careers. Nothing to nothing and e go to the second. Bartlett is free after 47 seconds for the first point of the match. Make it 1-1 as Vombaur escapes, but Barlett gets a takedown and leads 4-1. Escape for Vombaur but no Barlett slaps in a cradle and that’s all she wrote! Pinfall for Bartlett and Penn State has their first (but I’m wagering not last) semifinalist!

That weight class had four scoreless first periods and then everything happened all at once. 

149: #1 Ridge Lovett, Nebraska vs #7 Casey Swiderski, Iowa State 

These two never met, though Lovett did outplace Swiderski at the CKLV. Lovett gets a takedown and two nearfall and that’s where you don’t want to be against Lovett. Escape and takedown for Lovett in the second, then escape for Swidersk and another takedown for Lovett makes it 12-1 going into the third. The Husker’s 2022 NCAA finalist cruises to a 13-4 win!

149: #6 Ty Watters, West Virginia vs #4 Caleb Henson, Virginia Tech 

Henson strikes first with a takedown. 3-1 going into the second. Reversal for Watters in the third and it’s 4-3, Henson in the lead, now 5-3, now 8-3 as Henson builds his lead back up. And that’s how it ends, 8-3 win for Caleb Henson and the Hokies have a semifinalist!

149: #3 Jackson Arrington, NC State vs #5 Austin Gomez, Michigan

The Wolfpacker by way of Pennsylvania scores the first takedown on the Wolverine by way of Wisconsin by way of Iowa State by way of Chicago. Arrington escapes but Gomex pounces, collecting three more and holding a 7-4 lead. Gomez with two takedowns in the second period, leads 10-6. 11-6 lead for Gomez late in the third. Three for Arrington, he cuts Gomez. 12-9 with 20 second left. Gomez’s defense holds up and he advances to the semifinals with a 12-9 victory!

149: #8 Chance Lamer, Cal Poly vs #2 Kyle Parco, Arizona State 

Parco draws first blood, leads 3-1 in the first. Another takedown and Parco races out to a 6-1 lead. Gomez escapes and then tasks the lead with a takedown. 7-2 for Parco going into the third period. Parco in command, leading 10-3 late in the third. Parco leading 13-3 with under 30 to go in the final period of regulation. Put it in the books, 14-4 major decision for Parco!

157: #1 Levi Haines, Penn State vs #12 Peyton Robb, Nebraska 

Haines has beaten Robb three times over this season and the last, widening the margin of victory every time. Haines strikes first for the 3-0 lead then immediately throws in legs and starts a hellacious looking ride. Throws in an arm bar and tilts Robb over for a three-count (you can now get a three count on nearfall, FYI). Haines still leads 7-0 with a mountain of RT in third. Make it official, 8-0 major, never in doubt, Haines is on to the semifinals!

157: #11 Bryce Andonian, Virginia Tech vs #9 Ed Scott, NC State 

All-ACC battle here. Andonian scores right off the first whistle to take a 3-0 lead. Andonian doing Andonian things, leads 6-2 going into the second. Scott mounting a comeback though, takedown for the Wolfpacker to make it 7-5. Reversal for Andonian though, now 9-5 Hokie in the lead. 9-6 lead for Andonian going into the third, Scott on bottom. Escape for Scott but takedown for Andonian and he has a 12-7 lead. That should hold up but who knows with these two. And a very vocal Virginia Tech contingent cheer Andonian on as he officially wins 13-7. 

157: #3 Meyer Shapiro, Cornell vs #7 Daniel Cardenas, Stanford

Shapiro trying to avenge loss from the CKLV. Ankle pick score for Shapiro, he leads 3-0 going into the second. Shapiro underneath in the second. They tumble out of bounds and Shapiro needs injury time. Looks like they’re going to check Shapiro for a concussion and he’ll step off the mat for protocol. Hope Meyer is okay but safety is paramount. And Shaprio comes jogging back out to the mat so we are game on! Cardenas has over a minute of RT and climbing as he attempts to ride out the period. He’ll get it, so still 3-0, but Cardenas has 1:59 of RT. Shapiro on top in the third. Shapiro is a freestyle age-level world champ but he knows how to ride as well. Cardenas escapes after about 40 seconds to make it 3-1. RT at 1:18 in Cardenas’ favor. One minute to go. Shapiro in on a shot, Cardenas counters and gets the go behind. The stop the match, Shapiro may need injury time again. But he’s back on bottom. Needs more than an escape as injury time is locked up. Shapiro gets out, but Cardenas keeps him at bay and it’s a 5-4 win for Cardenas, Stanford has a semifinalist!

157: #6 Jared Franek, Iowa vs #2 Jacori Teemer, Arizona State 

Teemer has beaten Franked at the 2021 and 2022 NCAA Championships. Scoreless first, Franek escapes in the second to lead 1-0. 2-2 now in the third, Teemer got a reversal and then Franek escaped. One minute of regulation, RT not a factor, still tied. And there’s a takedown for Teemer as he takes a 5-2 lead late in the bout. And the Sun Devils get another semifinalist as Long Beach, New York’s own Jacori Teemer wins 5-2!

165: #1 Keegan O’Toole, Missouri vs #10 Antrell Taylor, Nebraska

The two-time NCAA champ has never laid his hands on Taylor in a collegiate match. O’Toole single leg to takedown to a tilt nearfall for a 7-0 lead just like that. More nearfall and it’s 11-0 after a scant 2 minutes of wrestling. Taylor strikes back though as O’Toole was penalizes for an illegal hold, then Taylor escaped and took O’Toole down to make it 1–5. O’Toole up 16-5 and he’s got a cradle locked up, looking for the fall. And there it is! Put in the books and O’Toole is back to the semifinals. 

165: #5 Dean Hamiti, Wisconsin vs #2 David Carr, Iowa State 

Carr has beaten Hamiti twice, each in a dual, in this season and last. Nice scramble early in the match but Carr will not be denied, he scores three then rides out the period. An escape in the second makes it 4-0 Carr. Going neutral in the third, Carr up 4–0 with 1:34 of RT. Make it a 5-0 shut out as Carr is back in the semifinals!

165: #3 Julian Ramirez, Cornell vs #6 Mike Caliendo, Iowa

These is the first collegiate meeting between these two. Caliendo with a slick duck under and then a big mat return to score the first takedown. Now 3-1 wit the escape. Period ends still 3-1. Reversal for Caliendo right after Ramirez gets hit with locked hands. Escape for Ramirez and takedown for Calindo and he’s opening up a big 9-2 lead. Ramirez stays on the attack but Caliendo will hold him off with a 9-4 upset win! 

165: #9 Cameron Amine, Michigan vs #4 Mitchell Mesenbrink, Penn State 

Mesenbrink majored Amine when the two programs met in a dual in January. Mesenrbink on a single but they go out of bounds and no score. Period ends still zeroes. Mesenbrink up 1 with an escape in the second. 1-1 now in the third, riding time not a factor. Amine and Mesenrbink pretty big clash of styles, with Mesenbrink offensive-minded and Amine all about the defense. But Mesenbrink breaks through the defenses and takes a 4-1 lead with less than a minute left in the period. Oh I had my periods mixed up, that was all in the second and Amine already gave up a stall point. Mesenbrink escapes in the third to make it 5-1. Another stall by Amine and he trails 6-1 late. That’s how it’ll end, Mesenbrink with a 6-1 win! These are going to be some insane semifinals imo. 

174: #2 Mekhi Lewis, Virginia Tech vs #1 Carter Starocci, Penn State

Incredibly, this NCAA finals and NWCA All-Star Classic matchup is a quarterfinal bout, mostly due to Starocci injury defaulting twice at Big Tens. How does Starocci’s leg hold up is the question. And so far so good, as he takes a shot on Lewis and then wins a protracted scramble to take a 3-0 lead. A smothering rideout ensues and it’s 3-0 after three minutes. Starocci escapes in the second and leads 4-0. 40 seconds of RT for Carter, 3rd period starts in neutral. Starocci seems unphased by an injury and advances to his fourth straight NCAA semifinal. Incredible to do that against a wrestler of Lewis’ caliber. 

174: #25 Jared Simma, Northern Iowa vs #3 Shane Griffith, Michigan 

Simma, the lowest ranked wrestler in the quarterfinals, has never wrestled Griffith, a former national champ from New Jersey. Jared refusing to simma down, he gets the first takedown and a pair of swipes to take the 5-0 lead. Simma gets the rideout to lead 5-0 after three minutes. Simma did not take kindly to folks who thought he shouldn’t have received an at-large bid and said he’d give the naysayers on twitter the double birds. He’s keeping that kind of energy in this match against Griffith. A reversal in short time makes it 5-2 as we go into the third, though Simma has RT locked up. Griffith called for stalling early in the period, but then starts to mount his comeback. Takedown and almost nearfall to make it 5-5. Escape from Simma and he leads by one (though really two). Another takedown by Griffith (and almost nearfall again) makes it 8-6 with just 18 seconds left don’t he clock. Simma needs and escape to force overtime. Instead Griffith will get the rideout to win by a single point. Great performance by both wrestlers but Griffith guts out the victory!

174: #5 Edmond Ruth, Illinois vs #6 Rocco Welsh, Ohio State

Ruth has beaten his Big Ten true frosh rival twice, although they were both close, 2-1 in the regular season and in sudden victory at Big Tens. Donuts on the scoreboard after three minutes, Ruth escapes to make it 1-0 in the second. Welsh is out in the third to knot it up 1-1, riding time not a factor. And sudden victory we go for the second straight time between these two. Single leg for Welsh, and he trips to complete the takedown and the Buckeye is into the semifinals!

174: #8 Lennox Wolak, Columbia vs #4 Cade DeVos, South Dakota State

Never before has DeVos and Wolak wrestled collegiately before. No scores after two minutes. Wolak breaks thinks ipen with a takedown in the second to take a 3-1 lead. DeVos escapes in short time to make it 3-2. 3rd period starts in neutral though Wolak has 1:10 of RT. DeVos on the attack, but Wolak defends, and the Columbia Lions have a semifinalist! Wolak wins 4-2!

184: #1 Parker Keckeisen, Northern Iowa vs #28 David Key, Navy 

I lied when I said Simma was the lowest ranked quarterfinalist, it’s actually Key. He’ll have the pride of 184lb U as an opponent. Keckeisen has two takedowns in the first 90 seconds. Keck going catch and release to extend his lead to 12-3 by the second period. Put it in the books, Keckeisen with the 19-6 major decision. The Panthers have a four-time All-American!

184: #6 Lenny Pinto, Nebraska vs #4 Trey Munoz, Oregon State 

Pinto beat Munoz 5-4 when they wrestled at 2022’s CKLV. No scores after the first period. Munoz with an escape in the second but that’s it. Pinto on bottom in the third, he gets a reversal, then Munoz escapes to knot things up at 2 apiece. Munoz on the attack, he’s behind Pinto, lift and return and there’s a huge takedown to make it 5-2. An escape is all Pinto will get and the Beavers have a semifinalist! 5-3 win for Munoz. 

184: #2 Dustin Plott, Oklahoma State vs #5 Bernie Truax, Penn State 

three-time fourth-placer Truax strikes first with a takedown, but Plott answers with an escape and takedown for a 4-3 lead. Truax now needs injury time. Truax is thankfully going to be okay to continue. Plott gets choice though and selects bottom. He’s out and leads 5-3. Plott close to a score but Truax’s defense holds. Plott on bottom in the third, he’s out, then secures a takedown for a 9-3 lead. Plott in good shape with a minute to go. Plott now leads 12-4 with a minute to go and things are looking good for the Cowboy. With riding time it’s a 16-6 major decision for Dustin Plott!

184: #11 Thomas Stewart, Virginia Tech vs #3 Isaiah Salazar, Minnesota 

The red hot freshman Stewart has the brick house junior Salazar. Scoreless first and then a 1-0 second as Salazar has an escape, but in short time Stewart manages a takedown and that’s a big 3-1 lead going into the third. Salazar riding tough, though both wrestlers get dinged for stalling. Salazar with over a minute of RT before he cuts Stewart but now just 20 seconds to go. Salazar on the attack, he’ll get the takedown and the rideout for the come from behind victory! Tremendous match management for the Gopher!

197: #1 Aaron Brooks, Penn State vs #8 Stephen Buchanan, Oklahoma 

Brooks on the warpath to a fourth NCAA title, though Buchanan, an All-American originally from Wyoming, will have his say. Brooks leads 3-1 half way through the period. Now Brooks goes beastmode, gets a head and an arm and starts driving Buchanan over. Brooks is on another level as he collects the fall! Awesome stuff from Aaron Brooks as he moves on to his fourth straight NCAA finals. 

197: #7 Rocky Elam, Missouri vs #4 Michael Beard, Lehigh 

Elam got the better of Beard back in the 2021 NCAA tournament, winning 5-0. Elam gets the first score, going up 3-0 but to the delight of Kansas City crowd, which is Elam’s hometown. Elam riding tough. But he’s parallel and gets dinged for stalling. Beard flat on his stomach though and he’ll get ridden out. 3-0 still going into the second with almost 2 minutes of RT for Elam. Beard now a chance to ride as Elam chooses bottom. Escape for Elam. Show by Elam, protracted scramble, Beard nearly had the counter but Elam ends up on top again and it’s a 7-0 lead for the hometown Leam. One minute left in the third. An escape and a stall point is all Beard will get, and Elam wins 7-2! Elam still on pace to go 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for NCAA finishes (he’s already gone 5, 4, 3). He’s got Brooks next though, soooo…..

197: #3 Tanner Sloan, South Dakota State vs #6 Lou Deprez, Binghamton 

These two All-American veterans have never wrestled collegiately before. Sloan strikes first and leads 3-0. Sloan escapes and takes down DePrez in the second and he leads 7-0, firmly in command. DePrez takes neutral in the third. Sloan promptly takes him down to make it 10-0. It’s all Sloan the rest of the way, RT gives the Jackrabbit a 16-1 teech fall after seven minutes of wrestling. SDSU has a semifinalist!

197: #11 Silas Allred, Nebraska vs #2 Trent Hidlay, NC State

Mr Underhooks Trent Hidlay gets the first takedown and leads 3-1 over Allred, who finished in the bloodround last season. A second takedown in the first makes it 6-2. 7-2 now after Hidlay escapes in the second period. 11-3 the final as Trent Hidlay is now a four-time All-American!

285: #1 Greg Kerkvliet, Penn State vs #7 Nick Feldman, Ohio State

Kerkvliet has defeated Feldman twice so far this season. Scoreless first, perhaps surprisingly, and Kerkvliet takes down to start the second. Feldman cuts him and it’s 1-0 for the Nittany Lion. Another tactical period ends, still 1-0 for Kerk. Feldman not interested in going underneath Kerkvliet voluntarily, third period starts in neutral. Nice attack by Feldman but Kerkvliet parries the shot. And that’s how the period ends, a tactical 1-0 win for Kerkvliet. 

285: #6 Nathan Taylor, Lehigh vs #4 Cohlton Schultz, Arizona State

Schultz beat Taylor 3-2 last season in a dual. Taylor will be looking to avenge Schultz win over Jordan Woods at the 2022 NCAAs. Schultz going upper body on Taylor, can’t finish, now drops to a single and has Taylor hopping on one foot. Incredible big man defense from taylro who somehow avoids the takedown and it’s still 0-0 late in the first. Shot by Taylor off the whistle but Schultz defends and the period ends, 0-0. Schultz escape, 1-0 lead in the second. That’s how the period ends. Taylor chooses down in the third. Taylor’s out to knot the score 1-1, riding time not a factor. Another double leg from Taylor, Schultz has no problem getting back to neutral. And we go to sudden victory (not unlike when Schultz beat Woods). There will be no heroics for Taylor, as Shcultz slides by almost immediately and secures the winning takedown with little drama. Almost a nonchalant overtime win for Schultz, who is back in the semifinals!

285: #3 Wyatt Hendrickson, Air Force vs #5 Zach Elam, Missouri

Hendrickson beat Elam 17-8 at last year’s NCAAs. Elam trying to join his brother Rocky in the Semifinals. First takedown goes to Wyatt. Second takedown in the third period also goes to Hendrickson and it’s a workmanlike 8-1 decision for Wyatt Hendrickson as Air Force has an All-American again!

285: #8 Lucas Davison, Michigan vs #2 Yonger Bastida, Iowa State

Bastida defeated Davison in the finals of the CKLV, 5-3, early in December. First period takedown for the Cyclone, followed by an escape, then another escape by Davison in the second period, and Bastida lead 3-2 in the second stanza. Bastida escapes in the third to extend his lead 4-2. Davison on the attack, stall point for Davison to cut it to 4-3 but he needs more. Single leg for Davison, time running out, but on the boundary Davison secures the three and he’ll take it 6-4! Or does he? Cyclone’s challenge, but the call is confirmed! Davison wins in dramatic fashion! 

That’ll do it for the quarterfinals! Hope everyone enjoyed. This session rules. And do you know what else rules? Tonight’s session. Semis and bloodround, lets go!

Apologies for the typos, enjoy the intermission, don’t party too much! Or do party too much, I’m not the party police, do what you like!

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