21 Unusual Things People’s Bodies Do That They Didn’t Know Were Normal

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“In my first year of menstruation, I had extremely painful periods and severe constipation. Menstruations would last for two weeks, with two weeks in between each. Everyone told me that things would calm down and become even. Then One night, at a friend’s sleepover, I was in so much pain that I was writhing on the bathroom floor. My parents took me to the hospital. From what I was describing, based on the pain, it felt like I was in labor. But I was 14 years old and very sick and still a virgin.”

“After a week of tests and painkillers, they finally found the problem. Then I had surgery to open my other uterus and cervix, which were closed by a membrane. I had been menstruating for a year. Religion was happening and there was, like, two liters of blood in my sealed second uterus. So once it came out and I was given major antibiotics, I had to go home and tell all my friends that I have two uteruses.

I was also born with one kidney. I’m not sure if it’s related, but I’m sure I’m messed up there.”


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