A dry start with a snowy end to your Saturday!

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Zack Duhaime and Gil Simmons

48 minutes ago

It’s time to snow, the snow will burst at dinner time. Snow will be heaviest Saturday afternoon/overnight. The biggest impact on travel is Saturday night due to rapidly deteriorating road conditions, so plan accordingly. Another challenge is determining how much mixing or shifting occurs on the coast and how far north it occurs. Smaller quantities are expected with the mix. It will also be windy and the snow will be a little sticky and wet across southern Connecticut. Periods of snow will continue through Sunday afternoon and should end between 3 and 4 pm There could be school delays Monday morning inland. A general 2-4″ on the coast, 4-8″ for most of the state and some of the mountain cities possibly getting totals of 10-12 inches.

Storm number two will arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday. This appears to be heavy rain/flooding/very strong winds and power outages! Similar to the rain and wind storms we had in December. We will keep you informed!

This afternoon: Cloudy, cold and dry, then snow will cover the state from SW to NE between 5 and 7 pm Highs in the low to mid 30s. Steady heavy snow and wind with very slippery travel conditions overnight with a mix on the coast. A short break in the snow/mix between 3-6am and then remodeling again!

Tonight: Heavy snow until midnight before changing to a mix, mainly along the coast and windy. Temperatures are above freezing for many too! High tide will be higher than usual!

Tomorrow: Snow/mix with gusty northeast wind until noon! Decreasing by mid-afternoon with accumulations of 8 to 10 inches in northern CT. with core areas of 4″ to 8″ and 2″ to 4″ on the immediate coast/southeast CT. Highs in the 30s.

Monday: A slippery start in some areas. Mostly sunny with highs in the 30s.

Tuesday: Dry during most hours of the day. Mix arrives late in the afternoon.

Tuesday night: Heavy rain on local streets, highways, basements and streams. River flooding and very windy with scattered power outages into the early hours of Wednesday morning! Coastal flooding is also possible! Temperatures increasing during the night from 30 to 40 degrees and even around 50 degrees.

Wednesday: Early morning SLIDE!! Heavy rain/flooding/strong gusts of wind with some power outages. Falling temperatures at midday with clear weather.

Thursday: Sun and clouds, colder and drier. Highs close to 40.

Friday: Sun and clouds, dry. Highs in the low 40s.

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