Aaron Donald tells Sean McVay after playoff loss: “I’m fed up”

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald has retired. We came to know on March 15. Coach Sean McVay found out two months ago.

McVay told SI.com’s Albert Breer that Donald said the day after the January 14 playoff loss to the Lions, “I’m full,

“I’m just like, ‘And you should be like that. You have every right to feel that way,’” McVay told Breyer. “What an amazing thing. Words won’t do justice to the way she felt so Eloquently expressed it to me and just put it that way, as a human being, you really want to be at peace and happy. That was full. And, man, did you feel that way. You were so happy. Because he too has earned it.”

Two days later, McVay was asked about Donald’s future with the team. It seems as if McVay realizes this could be a sense of the end of the season conversation.

“I think these conversations are timely,” McVay said. “I think there are a lot of emotions immediately after the game and after the season. , , , And even I was reading earlier, you look at Jason Kelce, there’s all these assumptions and things like that and so I think you guys got a chance to really digest the season, coaches and players alike. Let’s give, and then we’ll address all those things at the right time.”

Two months later, Donald retired. Just like he did two years ago (privately) while trying to get a new contract from the Rams.

It’s fair to wonder if an offer of more than $30 million from the Rams or anyone else would lead Donald to change his mind. Maybe this will happen. Again, he had to tell the Rams he was retiring in 2022 in order to get his three-year, $95 million deal. With $65 million due over two years and only $30 million remaining on the deal, it could be that Donald has simply decided that, for $30 million, he’s done. For $35 million or $40 million, he probably wouldn’t have.

This is not a game of leverage In fact, this is reality. Considering what he’s made and what he’s worth, it’s not worth it for him to play for $30 million. So he walks away on his own terms, one of the few NFL players to earn the ability to do so.

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