Agreement to avoid closure is delayed due to the fight for National Security

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A bipartisan deal to fund sectors of the government and avoid a shutdown later this week is running into trouble as negotiations over the annual Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill break down.

The package initially scheduled to be released Sunday would have included five full-year funding bills that would cover the departments of Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and State, along with the Internal Revenue Service and the general government. and foreign operations.

Congressional leaders had also planned a stopgap measure for DHS, considered the most difficult funding bill of the group, as deep partisan divisions persist in Washington over the border and immigration.

However, the timeline for releasing the package is being delayed after the White House’s recent involvement in the negotiations, Republicans say.

A source familiar with the matter said part of the dispute is that Democrats are pushing for more pay equity funding for the Transportation Security Administration, while Republicans want more dollars for detention and enforcement efforts. United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Act.

The Hill reached out to the White House and congressional Democratic leaders for comment.

The development comes after a White House official he told Politico on Sunday that Republicans wanted to “underfund DHS” after rejecting an offer from Democrats for an additional $1.56 billion in funding for border security.

However, Raj Shah, deputy chief of staff to President Mike Johnson (R-La.), rejected the report on Sunday, saying that “this statement from an anonymous White House staff member is misleading and counterproductive to reaching a bipartisan agreement.” to avoid a government.” close.”

“House Republicans will continue to work in good faith to reach consensus on appropriations bills that prioritize funding for DHS to enforce border and immigration laws,” Shah added.

Congress has until Friday to pass legislation to keep various parts of the government funded or risk the first partial government shutdown in years.

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