All 8 Spider-Man movies are returning to theaters next month

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All eight Spider-Man movies are returning to select theaters next month, part of a promotion that Sony Pictures is calling “Spider-Monday,” in which fans will be able to “experience all of the famous live-action Spider-Man movies ” For the first time again on the big screen.”

Spider-Man returns to theaters next month.
Spider-Man returns to theaters next month.

The announcement includes the dates of all of the Spider-Man movies as well as a special poster that shows a moment that should be familiar to movie fans (and anyone who’s ever been on social media). Check them out below.

04/15: Spider Man

04/22: spider man 2

04/29: spider man 3

05/06: the amazing Spider Man

05/13: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

05/20: Spider-Man: Homecoming

05/27: spider man: far from home

06/03: Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Spider-Man movies will be available at select movie theaters, including AMC and Alamo Drafthouse. Click here for showtimes in your area.

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