Bad Bunny Asks Pedro Pascal To Help With ‘SNL’ Monologue After “Speaking In Non-English” – Deadline

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bad bunny took on Saturday night Live directly and addressed skeptics who questioned his ability to host nbc Sketch show. The global superstar wasted no time during his monologue in hitting back at critics who said he lacked command of the English language.

Bad Bunny said, “People are thinking I can’t host this show because English isn’t my first language.” “I don’t know if they know or not, but I do what I want. I can host this show in English. I can order McDonald’s in English. I can have sex in english. But I prefer to have sex in Spanish because it’s better.

Bad Bunny then switched to Spanish, shouting “For all the Latinos in the world and especially for those who are watching me live in Puerto Rico.”

As he continued speaking in Spanish, the Puerto Rican star noticed a caption on the screen read, “Speaking in non-English,” calling back. controversy over grammys Where CBS did not have close captioners to translate into Spanish what Bad Bunny was singing.

Bad Bunny then recruited a friend to help him finish his monologue and called him pedro pascal Who hosted snl earlier this year,

Pascal advised Bad Bunny, “When you do a monologue, I think it’s always charming to make a self-deprecating joke.” “It’s like a joke you make about a part of your body or your face that is unpleasant.”

Bad Bunny retorts, “I don’t have anything.”

Pascal then advised that “the audience loves it when you show an embarrassing picture of yourself.” The host then showed a picture of himself in a sexy photoshoot in which he was covered only with a towel.

Watch the full monologue in the video posted above.

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