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Hello kids, welcome to the latest version snl in review, tonight, bad bunny – Spotify’s most streamed artist of the year and the king of Latin trap – comes to 8H as both host and musical guest. Besides Taylor Swift, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular global music icon, and given the fact that she previously appeared in several sketches in Season 46 (When Regé-Jean Page hosted), giving him the chance to host his own episode means a lot. And, oh yes, with the ongoing actors’ strike, Saturday night Live They’re a little boxed in in terms of who they can recruit, which will, hopefully, give some interesting variety over the next few weeks!

Bad Bunny hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’.
Rosalind O’Connor/NBC

i’m connected to the east tonight snl Cast member Jeff Richards, who thinks cellist Yo-Yo Ma should host with Eddie Murphy as a potential musical guest. This summer, one of his impressions from Jeff’s podcast went viral: Gary Busey and “Buttery Sausage”, You might have seen it circulating on TikTok?

I asked Jeff what advice he has for Bad Bunny as he prepares to pull double duty tonight. He says: “Bring your carrot cake.”

cold open

mickey day Jim Jordan is perfect casting. (He has played with them in the past, like Bill Hader.) Here, the Ohio politician is upset about his failure to be elected Speaker of the House.

George Santos (bowen yang) stops by to cheer him up. Lauren Boebart (chloe fineman) calls him from the theater – of course, she’s making out with someone while watching Aladdin,

“Yoo Hu, is this a loser’s office?” asks Donald Trump (James Austin Johnson). She’s very funny – Jim is her least favorite Jordan, she prefers “Michael” and “Sparks”. It’s usually some stand-up bits from JAJ as Trump here.

Quite modest and modest. Although we have seen worse.


Bad Bunny does whatever he wants – he even has sex in English. But he prefers Spanish.

[Speaking in non-English] appears on the screen, which is a nice callback to the beginning snl, when they did this often. Bad Bunny asked for clarification on the text, as the caption should have stated that he was speaking sexual language. He’s got confidence – not sure if I’d call it funny or charismatic, but what do I know?

pedro pascal Comes to translate and give advice on how to host. He admits some things to suit the audience. Is this a sign that the show doesn’t trust Bad Bunny to carry the show on his own?

Richards recalls the time Justin Timberlake hosted and was the musical guest, as well as some of his fun moments backstage.

“rap battle”

yell out 8 Mile – We’re in a St. Andrews Hall-style rap tournament. Mickey DeWalter is the whiteboy who first puts himself ahead of Bee Rabbit. He embarrasses himself seriously.

His rival Fuego (Bad Bunny) surprisingly reacts with compassion and wins the battle to become a good person.

“The Age of Discovery”

A fred armisen Cameo! In an all-Spanish short film, two explorers from the 1600s explain the promise of America: pumpkins, tomatoes, and tobacco. Nobility is not affected…

Armisen last appeared in March Jenna Ortega hosted,


Tomas Padilla is facing his brother. It’s a very intense scene, until Latina Jefferson (punky johnson) is seen crushing his line. She doesn’t speak Spanish.

Sudden surprise: Mick Jagger, This is his first cameo since 1986. I was pleasantly surprised – Jagger is one of the OG hosts/musical guests, going back for Season 4 with the Rolling Stones. (By the way their new album is really good! Check it out Released a song with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder.) Not sure if this sketch – or this host/episode – warrants the return of an absolute legend, but I’m here for it.

Please Do Not Destroy: Bad Bunny is Shrek

Bad Bunny appears in our boys’ office as Shrek. He wants to make a film featuring various characters from the franchise as well as Michael Jackson.

Bad Bunny performs “Un Preview”

Speaking of her Stones duet, Lady Gaga arrives to announce Bad Bunny’s debut performance! I’m sensing a theme after Taylor Swift’s cameo last week.

It is the second single from their fifth studio album nadi sabhe lo que wa e pasar manana, here it is video music, Audiences love Bad Bunny!

weekend update

Colin Jost Criticizing his presence in Israel, President Biden has been called the “Groot of Presidents”. michael che Made fun of Jim Jordan and George Santos.

Jada Pinkett Smith (ego nwodim) comes to comment on her memoirs and recent stories about her marriage to Will Smith, aka “publicly cheating on my millionaire husband.” She can’t help but bring up Tupac: “Call me Mrs. Shakur!” I like this.

“Protective Mother 2”

A recurring character! Bad Bunny plays Marcelo Hernandez’s disliked aunt, while Pedro Pascal returns as the overprotective mother. we saw Original sketch back in February, Louis gets around! Brittany is gone, and her new girlfriend is played by Chloë Trost. His Spanglish includes references to “side chick” and “booty call”.

I like it because it’s not a complete repeat of the original concept – it feels like the next installment. Even if the beats are not different.

“right way”

Another repeated promise! people will Remember the Waffle House Sketch From the Jenna Ortega episode. This time inspired by the characters The Pursuit of Happyness Have a serious conversation in the foreground, being upstaged by goofy and loud subway riders in the background.

Bad Bunny performs “Monaco”

It was the third single from their latest album. music video Features of Al Pacino,

“Convent Meeting”

molly kearney is back playing the role of a nun, This time, they are searching for a person hidden among the nunnery. He is secretly having intimacy with other nuns, thereby violating their virginal purity. Mick Jagger returns! The audience starts recognizing him more in this sketch.

A little crude and lame, but there’s a good joke about Peacock and Whoopi Goldberg at the end. And Jagger is still fun to be around. Why not just have him host, or play the new Rolling Stones album on another episode?!

“Enrique’s Daughter”

Skincare company Burt’s Bees is being acquired, and they need to discuss strategy and possible layoffs. But Enrique (Bad Bunny) just wants to talk about his daughter’s wedding.

final thoughts

-What did you think? vote here,

– Lots and lots of cameos. No matter what Bad Bunny did, audiences went crazy for him, even though it was mostly… not good! I know this is a unique situation, but still.

-Thank you Jeff Richards – and happy birthday! check out “buttered sausage“When you can. I asked him about any tips for the next generation of comedians who want to go viral online, and what it’s like to have some of their work get over 5 million views. He said: “It Felt like an intense scalp massage, warm and tingling. No lessons except posting again and again and praying.”

– Not a ton of Sarah Sherman so far this season! Too bad, I was enjoying his pace since the beginning of the year. Heard her update appearance may have been cut earlier tonight. Do not do this!

-Mick Jagger, in this economy? Very good.

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