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On March 26, the freighter Dali crashed into one of the supports of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing it to collapse.

By Kieren Williams, news reporter

Monday 8 April 2024 11:55, United Kingdom

The Baltimore bridge salvage operation continues as crews have begun removing containers from the deck of the freighter Dali.

Last month, the ship crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore.

The video captured the moment. The huge ship crashed into the bridge support, making everything collapse.

The bodies of three of the six highway workers who were on the bridge when it collapsed have been recovered, and the other three are presumed dead.

Salvage crews began removing containers from the cargo ship’s deck on Sunday, hoping to make progress in removing parts of the bridge above the ship’s bow.

In a statement, the Key Bridge Unified Response Command said: “Salvors removed containers from the M/V Dali as part of the effort to gain access to the portion of the Key Bridge above the ship. The transfer of containers from the M/V V Dalí will continue in the next few days, weather permitting.”

The moment the bridge collapsed last month.

Workers dismantling parts of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge using an exothermic cutting torch. Photo: AP

This was described as a “critical step” in the salvage operation as it would allow for the safe removal of the bridge’s remains and, eventually, the clearing of the waterway.

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Since March 26, only 32 vessels have been able to pass through temporary channels on either side of the wreck, officials said.

US Coast Guard Captain David O’Connell said: “The Unified Command is simultaneously advancing its main lines of effort to remove enough debris to open the channel to increased commercial traffic.”

Part of the collapsed grandstand of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Photo: AP

Debris from the bridge has become trapped above the ship in the weeks since the incident. Photo: AP

The boat has been trapped under the steel remains of the bridge along the Patapsco River since the incident.

More than 50 divers and 12 cranes are working at the scene to help cut sections of the collapsed bridge and remove them.

Eight workers, immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, were filling potholes on the bridge when it was hit in the middle of the night.

Two men were rescued and the bodies of three others They were recovered in the following days.

The search for the other victims continues.

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The salvage operation began when authorities began removing containers from the ship. Photo: AP

Officials have set up a temporary channel for vessels involved in clearing debris.

The White House said the intention is to open a limited-access canal for container barges and some vessels carrying cars and farm equipment by the end of April.

Normal capacity is expected to be restored at the Port of Baltimore by the end of May.

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President Biden recently toured the area and saw firsthand the efforts to remove the remains of the bridge.

Biden also greeted police officers who helped block traffic to the bridge moments before it was hit by the ship and spoke with the families of the victims.

He also promised that the state of Maryland would not be left alone, saying, “I’m here to say your nation has your back and I mean it. Your nation has your back.”

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