Biden could be left off Ohio presidential ballot, state elections official warns

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president biden is at risk of being left off Ohio’s presidential ballot in November because his nomination to be Democratic Party standard-bearer will not be certified until after the state’s voting deadline, a state elections official warned last week.

Under Ohio law, presidential candidates must be certified by Aug. 7 (90 days before the general election), but Biden, 81, will not be formally confirmed as the Democratic Party’s nominee until the Democratic National Convention, which starts August 19.

Biden will not officially be named the Democratic presidential candidate before the voting deadline in Ohio. AP

The Ohio secretary of state’s office, which oversees elections in the Buckeye state, warned the Ohio Democratic Party on Friday that the president risks being left off the ballot unless the convention is moved up or a vote is made. “exception” for Biden.

“Please contact me as soon as possible with any information that can ensure this office’s timely compliance with Ohio law,” Paul Disantis, chief legal counsel to the Ohio Secretary of State, wrote in a letter to the president on Friday. Ohio Democrats Liz Walters.

“I am left to conclude that the Democratic National Committee must move up its nominating convention or the Ohio General Assembly must act by May 9, 2024 (90 days before the effective date of a new law) to create an exception to this legal requirement. “she added, according to CNN.

The logistics involved in moving up the dates of the Democratic National Convention make that option seem highly unlikely.

The only other alternative to getting Biden on the ballot, as Disantis points out, would be for the Republican-controlled state legislature to change state election laws.

“We are investigating the matter,” a spokesperson for the Ohio Democratic Party told the Post.

“We are monitoring the situation and are confident we will be on the ballot in all 50 states,” a Biden campaign spokesperson told The Post.

The state legislature could approve a waiver allowing Biden to be added to the November ballot or the Democratic National Committee could move up its convention, according to the Ohio secretary of state’s office. Adam Cairns via Imagn Content Services, LLC

A similar scenario played out before the 2020 election, when the Republican and Democratic conventions were scheduled after Ohio’s voting deadline, leading state lawmakers to approve a one-time change to state law, moving the date limit to 60 days before the general elections.

If state lawmakers fail to approve a similar waiver in 2024, the results could be disastrous for both Biden and down-ballot Democrats like Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who will face off against those backed by Trump. businessman bernie moreno.

Last month, a Florida Atlantic University/Mainstreet Research survey showed former President Donald Trump leading Biden in Ohio by 11 percentage points, while Brown was ahead of Moreno by the same margin.

In Florida, after the state Democratic Party canceled its March primaries and opted to award all delegates to Biden, record low turnout helped Republicans flip several municipal councils and mayors’ offices in the State of the Sun.

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