Biden prepares $50 billion for internal crises, in addition to aid to Israel and Ukraine

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White House aides are preparing to propose spending roughly $50 billion on urgent domestic needs, two people familiar with the matter said, just days after President Biden. submitted a request for approximately 100 billion dollars for crises in Ukraine, Israel and other international priorities.

The proposed legislation will require more funding for child care, high-speed Internet access, natural disaster relief and firefighters fighting wildfires, among other national priorities, the director of the Office of Administration said in a letter Friday. and White House Budget, Shalanda D. Young. It’s not exactly clear how much funding the president will propose for each program, and people familiar with the matter cautioned that planning continues to change. They spoke on condition of anonymity because details are not final and the size of the total proposal could still change.

As 2024 approaches, Biden unveils $106 billion foreign aid package

The proposal, which comes as the president turns his attention to the war in Israel, reflects urgent domestic needs as well as the administration’s attempt to show that Biden is working to improve the American economy, a source of dissatisfaction among many voters. The legislation is highly unlikely to pass in a GOP-controlled House, where hardline members have demanded aggressive cuts to government services, but it can help the administration respond to a possible political vulnerability. Some Democrats want Biden to push for action on domestic legislation while supporting America’s allies abroad.

On Friday, the White House sleepless A roughly $106 billion aid package focused primarily on funding for Ukraine and Israel, while calling for billions in aid for the U.S.-Mexico border and global humanitarian assistance. Its fate is also unclear in Congress, but that bill is much more likely to gain bipartisan support.

A spokeswoman for the White House Office of Management and Budget declined to comment.

“They can put out something that says, ‘We want child care or maybe something about health care and homelessness,’ but they know they’re not going to get this Congress to pass anything beyond something small,” said Dean Baker, an Allied the White House and an economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a left-wing think tank. “But I think it makes sense for Biden to say something when Republicans say Democrats care more about the people in Ukraine and Israel than the people here.”

What’s in Biden’s $106 billion funding request for Israel and Ukraine?

Biden’s request will require Congress to avoid several looming funding cliffs facing government programs. Millions of parents they are expected to lose access to child care as states run out of $24 billion in stimulus dollars passed during the pandemic. Tens of millions of low-income households I can also lose high-speed Internet access as funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program declines.

Although there is bipartisan support for Israel in Congress, several Republicans have criticized Biden’s $106 billion aid package for attempting to combine it with aid to Ukraine. Former President Donald Trump sharply criticized Biden for proposing giving Ukraine what he called a “blank check.”

“Corrupt Joe stood before the American people and said that if they want to support Israel, then they have to give a blank check for the proxy war in Ukraine as well, which has to do with Russia and Ukraine,” Trump saying at a rally on Monday, according to the Washington Examiner.

On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) also insisted that Congress should not only boost foreign aid but address urgent funding shortfalls in the United States.

“Congress cannot pass BILLION in a supplemental budget that ONLY addresses critical emergencies around the world,” Sanders said in a statement. “Here we also have a crisis at home.”

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