Bill Maher slams agency CAA for ignoring Oscar party

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Bill Maher has left his longtime agency CAA after being left off the guest list at CEO Brian Lourd’s Oscars party last Saturday night. sources told hollywood reporter Maher was “angry” that he wasn’t invited to Lourdes’ private party, which was reportedly attended by big names like JJ Abrams, Margot Robbie, Bob Iger, and even Vice President Kamala Harris. Maher also didn’t attend last night’s CAA party, which was meant to celebrate the Oscar nominees the agency represents; Instead he was at a different agency’s shindig. real time The host was with the agency for more than two decades, and the split came after Maher successfully negotiated two more seasons for the show, which otherwise would have ended at the end of 2024. It will continue until 2026, but without CAA representation as its host.

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