Billionaire sycophant Woody Johnson tells Fox Trump ‘impressed us’ at fundraiser

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multimillionaire Triumph Donor Woody Johnson, who attended a Palm Beach fundraiser for the impeached former president on Saturday, gushed about the 2024 Republican candidate on Monday, saying Fox News host Jesse Watts who is not only “extremely funny” but also “extremely compassionate.”

Johnson, whom Trump rewarded for his financial support in 2016 with a embassy the following year, he was asked to describe the fundraising, which a Trump aide claimed political It raised a considerable sum of $50 million.

Johnson claimed responsibility for the event, in which Trump fiance to keep billionaires’ taxes low, was “unbelievable,” noting that the reported $50 million haul was about twice what the President Joe Biden–accompanied by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton– harvested through a fundraiser in manhattan last week.

The hundred or so attendees, Johnson added, were “very grateful for what Trump is giving up to do this, to save America.”

When asked what Trump said to him and the other donors, Johnson was full of praise for the former president.

“I think it was one of the best speeches. You know, everyone gets better and better,” Johnson said, repeating some of the same points that appear in Trump’s campaign speeches. Trump will be “much better” in a second term, Johnson argued, “because he knows what he’s doing now.”

Johnson then described what he believed the former president’s character to be.

“He is extremely compassionate and people don’t know it. It’s extremely fun; “I think people are starting to appreciate his sense of humor,” said the New York Jets owner. who gave a $1 million pro-Trump super PAC last April and has since been working to get other billionaires on the same page.

“And it impressed us all once again, and I think the overwhelming thought was that this is just the beginning for us, and everyone in the room was ready to step forward strongly,” he added.

Trump, who faces defamation and Bank fraud sentences, mounting legal bills and a campaign to run, has resorted to selling sneakers and Bibles.

Meanwhile, Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump has said that “every penny” of the donations will go toward his father-in-law’s re-election bid.

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