Blueberries May Improve Runner’s Performance and Fatigue: Study

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We have good news about berries for runners: New study finds blueberries are the best friend of a track starincreasing speed by 1.5%.

“The beauty of this is that it’s completely natural,” said the study’s lead author, Andreas Bergdahl, an associate professor at Concordia University in Montreal. said in a statement.

“It is an ergogenic aid, meaning it enhances performance, but it is not an anabolic steroid,” he continued. “Athletes can get this important boost in performance simply by consuming more blueberries.”

The new article, published in December in the Physical Activity and Nutrition Journal, tracked the performance of top runners selected from the school track team and local running clubs for 28 consecutive days after they consumed a cranberry supplement.

Blueberries have notable effects on runners, new research shows. fake images
Blueberries may help runners improve speed, according to a Concordia University study. fake images

The athletes underwent two tests on three separate visits. The purpose of a long run and a short run was to determine what impact the Thanksgiving favorite had at different intensities.

Participants took the extract two hours before the race.

When observing the 1,500 meter test, “notable improvements” were found in performance and muscle fatigue. In the shorter race, 400 meters, less lactate accumulation was reported. Lactate is a marker of possible muscle fatigue and lack of oxygen.

Researchers Andreas Bergdahl (left) and Francis Parenteau found that blueberries can improve running performance. Concordia University

Blueberry consumption was also linked to better oxygen absorption.

The researchers also noted that blueberries have high levels of polyphenols, a natural source of antioxidants.

“When it comes to elite athletes, any advantage can mean the difference between finishing fifth or getting on the podium,” Bergdahl added.

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