Bomb Threats Target Pennsylvania Library and Its Director During Drag Queen Story Hour

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A series of bomb threats were reportedly made against a Pennsylvania library and its director during a drag queen story hour on Saturday afternoon.

The event was canceled after a suspicious package was found at the Lancaster Public Library on Monday and additional threats were made to neighboring buildings, forcing police to evacuate the block. PennLive reported.

Library director Lisa Holland was also escorted off site by police after another threat was reported at her home.

The Lancaster Public Library received a suspicious package Saturday morning. AP
Neighboring buildings also received bomb threats, prompting police to close the block in Lancaster. AP

“I am deeply saddened that the leaders of this county have turned this into something that it was not,” Holland told the outlet, shortly before learning of the threat against him.

Drag Queen Story Hour was scheduled for 1 pm Saturday afternoon. The event is hosted by “Miss Amie Vanité,” who has performed in drag for the past 20 years in the region, according to the listing on the library’s website.

The program “spreads awareness and acceptance by celebrating diversity, inclusion, kindness and love through LGBTQ+ literature for young readers” and is listed as open to all ages.

It had received widespread community support, with 500 families signing up, but some local officials were also strongly opposed, according to PennLive.

“Detractors said it was not safe for children. Well, I don’t think this was safe for kids,” Holland said outside the recorded library.

The threats forced the cancellation of a scheduled Drag Queen story hour. AP

“We weren’t using any more taxpayer money than any other Saturday to keep the library open,” he continued. “And now you have all the money going into deciding what to do with this package and all the different police forces that are part of it. That costs a lot more than having story time.”

Bomb-sniffing dogs came to the library Saturday morning to inspect a package that had been delivered the previous day and determined it was suspicious. The event was canceled at 9:30 a.m. by Lancaster Pride, who runs the story time.

The library was cleared, but Pennsylvania State Police issued a statement around 12:30 p.m. saying that “there are additional threats reported that are still being investigated. “We advise the public to stay away from the area of ​​the 100 block of N. Queen Street.”

“It’s heartbreaking,” Lancaster Pride’s Tiffany Shirley told the outlet through tears. “We are definitely disappointed. “We have worked very hard over the past few weeks to make this a safe and enjoyable event.”

The Post has contacted the Lancaster Public Library and the Pennsylvania State Police for comment. =site%20buttons

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