Boyfriend of Alicia Navarro, teenager found 4 years after disappearing, accused of child sexual abuse

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The man authorities describe as Alicia Navarro’s boyfriend—the Teenager who walked into a Montana police station four years after disappearing in Arizona – was arrested on charges of child sexual abuse after explicit images were found on his cellphone, officials said Tuesday.

The photos were found on a phone allegedly belonging to Edmund Davis, 36, while investigators searched his apartment in Havre, Montana, in July looking for evidence in the Navarro case, the Montana attorney general’s office said. Navarro was 14 years old when disappeared from his mother’s house in Glendale, Arizona, on September 15, 2019.

In July, Navarro, then 18, went to a police station in Havre and identified herself as the missing girl. The charges against Davis are not related to Navarro, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office said.

Alicia Navarro in a photograph released after she was found safe and sound.  (Glendale, Arizona, Police Department)

Alicia Navarro in a photograph released after she was found safe and sound. (Glendale, Arizona, Police Department)

The phone contained images of “a child or children 12 years of age or younger engaging in real or simulated sexual conduct,” according to charging documents in the case. The documents list another victim who was under 16 years old.

He was charged with two felony counts of sexual abuse of children.

Investigators said they found more than 80 images on Davis’ phone, according to court documents filed Oct. 16 seeking his arrest.

He was arrested Monday in Chinook, Montana, by the Montana Department of Justice Criminal Investigation Division and the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department. He remains jailed at the Hill County Detention Center on $1 million bail.

Attorney information was not available.

Authorities said nine of the images received “maturity” ratings from Phoenix Children’s Hospital and that seven of the images were determined to be of children under the age of 13 and two contained children under the age of 5, the documents say.

The documents describe graphic images that investigators said they found on Davis’ cellphone, as well as a laptop computer. The victims are described as “prepubescent” women and “apparently a child,” according to the documents.

An officer also noted “the presence of other images of infants and young children,” the documents say.

The attorney general’s office said Davis, whom court documents describe as Navarro’s boyfriend, tried to get rid of her cellphone during the search of her home.

Authorities said that when officers arrived at Navarro and Davis’ apartment together on July 26, Navarro initially said no one was home, but that police saw Davis in the kitchen “throwing a cell phone in the trash and placing items on top of said phone.”

Authorities have not said how Navarro ended up in Montana or how long he was there. Glendale police spokesman Jose Santiago previously said that when Navarro went to the Montana police station “he basically asked for help getting her off a list of missing children.” In a video released by authorities, she was heard telling detectives that no one had hurt her.

After Navarro was found, his mother, Jessica Núñez, posted a video saying he was A “miracle” that his daughter had been found safe and sound.

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