Cardi B continues ‘Like What’ momentum with new single ‘Enough (Miami)’

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Cardi B’s long-awaited sophomore album is on the way, and the Grammy-winning rapper has been thinking about her comeback for quite some time. Earlier this month, he hinted that he was ready to hit the ground running with his “Like What” freestyle, and now he’s on the cusp of his next era with new single “Enough (Miami).”

The Bronx-bred rapper’s bravado ability is on full display throughout the track. “Oops linking up, I’m like, ‘What the fuck?’ / If you’re scared just say, hey, that’s enough / They were just in my DMs, no trust in these scumbags / I’m gonna call Diamond, fuck, if you fuck,’ ‘ she raps on the chorus.

When talking about her next steps, Cardi insisted that the next time fans will hear from her is when it’s time to announce the album. He said, “You know, I gave up a little freestyle and everything just to get my feet wet.” Board, “I’m dropping this single [“Enough (Miami)”]And the next announcement won’t be a single, but an album.”

“I’m back outside,” she added. “I’m tired of holding myself back. It’s been six years since I put out an album, so I’m going to drop an album this year.

While many have been calling for a new project from the rapper since his Grammy-winning debut invasion of privacy After getting dropped in 2018, Cardi is taking things slow.

“Everyone always tells me I should put the record out now,” he said. vogue mexico Last year. “They did it when I released ‘WAP’ [in 2020] And when I released ‘Up’ [in 2021] But I always tell them that I won’t wait long after all these singles. So stay tuned because it’s coming very soon.

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