Claudine Gay was forced to resign from Harvard during a vacation in Rome

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Claudina Gay received the call that ended her six-month tenure as Harvard University’s first black president two days after Christmas while on vacation in Rome, according to the New York Times. Gay’s testimony before Congress about anti-Semitism on college campuses, along with accusations of plagiarism, sparked growing controversy. (Harvard has denied that Gay committed any “research misconduct.”) The Harvard Corporation He initially supported Gay, but support eroded as members of Harvard’s board of trustees came under increasing criticism. Meanwhile, homosexuals faced death threats along with racist messages and phone calls; Police reportedly monitored his house 24 hours a day. Academics have denounced the racism that animated the loudest cries for Gay’s resignation, and in a Times opinion article, She wrote that those who had campaigned “relentlessly” against her “often trafficked in lies and ad hominem insults, not reasoned arguments. They recycled worn-out racial stereotypes about black talent and temperament. “They pushed a false narrative of indifference and incompetence.”

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