CNN Town Hall: DeSantis Attacks Trump Over Abortion While Ignoring Haley

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DeSantis continued: He criticized Trump for calling on states to shut down during the Covid pandemic, for breaking his promises on immigration and federal bureaucracy, and said the former president’s motivations for running were selfish.

“If you’ve run before, promised things, didn’t deliver, and then run with the same things, wouldn’t it be reasonable to say, ‘Wow, I don’t know if I can do this?’ The bank in the future? Yeah, I think just because you’re campaigning on something doesn’t mean you’re actually going to do it.”

Appearing to attack Trump’s character, DeSantis said: “I will behave in a way that you can tell your children, ‘This is someone you should emulate.'” He also tacitly mocked Trump’s free-governing style and personality by calling him “disciplined and determined” and saying that “leadership is not about entertainment.”

The governor of Florida has been maintaining an intense agenda in Iowa, a state where his candidacy has been staked, but he is still behind Trump by more than 30 points. DeSantis avoided a question during the hour-long town hall about what he would consider a “winning performance” in the state, focusing instead on how he had bested Trump.

“Donald Trump is not willing to appear on the debate stage,” DeSantis said. “Has he come to the communities and answered questions? Has he been to all 99 counties? Hell, has he even been to nine counties? “That’s not the way to do it.”

DeSantis hit Haley in passing only a couple of times, and the two will face off during a debate on CNN next week.

Otherwise, DeSantis had spent much of the day attacking Haley for her comments, joking that the New Hampshire primary would “correct” the Iowa Caucus result and calling her a “fake.”
during an NBC News and Des Moines Register interview

At one point during the town hall, DeSantis accused Haley of running “because of her donor issues.” He also began the event by presenting Collins with a basketball jersey meant to reference Haley’s sports mistake, where
she got confused
Iowa Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark with Kaitlin Collins.

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