Couple passes out drunk on Florida beach while babysitting toddlers: VCSO

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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Georgia couple was arrested in Florida on Saturday after officers said they were drunk and asleep on a beach while their children swam nearby unsupervised, according to NBC affiliate WESH.

WESH reported that the couple, Timothy Stephens, 27, and his fiancee Alyssia Langley, were found asleep on a towel in Daytona Beach. The couple had several children’s toys around them, but there were no children in sight, according to reports.

Officers reportedly found empty beer cans, a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey and other open alcoholic beverages with the couple.

WESH reported that the couple was in a “confused state” when officers woke them up, and neither of them were able to give the location of the children accompanying them or point out the children who were nearby.

Officers were able to take the couple to a nearby pool where the children, ages five and seven, were swimming unsupervised.

“I just can’t imagine that you can be so reckless and careless and just not give a (expletive) that you can become so stagnant, that you don’t know where you are, that you’re completely out of it. “And anything can happen to those kids, anything in the world,” Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said.

Stephens, the children’s legal guardian, said he shared responsibility for the children with Langley, who is not biologically related to them, according to WESH.

Stephens faces two counts of child neglect and possession of alcohol on the beach. WESH reported that Stephens attempted to run during the arrest and fell unconscious after tripping and falling on the hard, packed sand.

Stephens was treated at a nearby hospital and also faces charges for the escape attempt, according to reports. Langley also faces charges of child neglect.

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