Creators Say YouTube’s SSSniperwolf Doxxing Punishment Is a Double Standard

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Aaliya, one of YouTube’s highest profile creators, has been at the center of a stir last week.SSSniperwolf“Shelesh.

YouTuber with 34.1 million followers is feuding with fellow creators jaxfilmsBecause he has often criticized his work for “stealing” content from other video-makers to promote his own channel, the work gets little boost.

YouTube controversy is nothing new, but it escalated when SSSniperwolf said she knew where he lived and she could “meet him”, later posting a video filmed outside his home on her Instagram. which Jaxfilms called “appalling, disgusting and outrageous”.

In its wake, YouTube came under pressure from creators and fans, saying SSSniperwolf should either be severely punished or removed from the platform entirely, but on Friday, YouTube contacted JaxFilms about his punishment. Posted a reply stating that it was only a temporary monetization suspension. indefinite length:

There was much controversy over the mild severity of the punishment, which was considered little more than a slap on the wrist when low-profile creators saw their channels demonetized for months or even very short periods of time. were banned, including minor offenses such as a few casual seconds. Of copyrighted footage. The allegation here is that YouTube is allowing SSSniperwolf to engage in much more disturbing behavior, from actual doxxing through filming outside someone’s home, to revealing where they live.

The second issue is that YouTube says that “the behavior of both parties is not what we want on YT.” Still, the matter does not seem to go either way. Jaxfilms kept SSSniperwolf out for a long time for a type of content it viewed as piracy. Then SSSniperwolf doxxed him. It is considered problematic for YouTube to give them equal importance.

SSSniperwolf really finished Thank you YouTube responded to his punishment in its apology message to Jaxfilms and its viewers, saying they were “holding him accountable.”

This whole issue appears to reinforce a “tiered” system on YouTube for creators and fans, where sometimes, a creator can become so big that they escape more serious consequences that would wreak havoc on another channel. Can. Maybe it’s a metaphor for, uh, life, but this situation has probably sparked more anger on YouTube at the moment than SSSniperwolf, who has had his fair share of critics before.

We’ll see what happens from here, whether the feud between JaxFilms and SSSniperwolf will come to an end, or whether SSSniperwolf will change the type of content it creates. I’ve asked for comment from them, and will update if I get a response. As of now, neither he nor YouTube is coming out of this problem.

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