Dave Chappelle criticizes Israel’s bombing of Gaza on comedy show (report) – Hollywood Reporter

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dave chappelle reportedly criticized israelThe bombing of Gaza at a stop on his recent Boston Comedy Tour.

wall street journal It was reported that the comedian initially condemned the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas during their show at the TD Garden on Thursday, according to attendees. He reportedly criticized Israel’s bombing of Gaza and accused the United States of aiding the slaughter of innocent people.

Attendees said Chappelle’s comments on the Israel-Hamas war came after he said he did not think students should lose their job offers for expressing their support for Palestinians. Then some people in the audience start telling the comedian to “shut up”, to which Chappelle responds.

The comedian then criticized the Israeli government for allegedly cutting off water and other essential commodities in Gaza, while also accusing it of killing innocent civilians.

Attendees told the newspaper that some spectators cheered Chappelle and chanted “Free Palestine” after his comments, while others shouted, “What about Hamas?”

He later reportedly said at the end of his show that “two wrongs don’t make a right” regarding Israeli policies and Hamas attacks.

A spokesperson for the comedian told WSJ However he “denied being in Boston last night”. TD Garden’s website Chappelle performed two shows for his tour, Dave Chappelle Live: It’s a Celebration, B!%?#&$!, scheduled for October 19 and 20 at the Boston venue. hollywood reporter Representatives of Chappell and TD Garden have also been contacted.

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