Dave Chappelle receives offer to meet with Jewish group after Israel flak

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dave chappelle Many in the Jewish community have been outraged after his comments on Israel — but a group advocating for him is extending an olive branch if he’s willing to talk.

American Jewish Committee spokesperson Richard Hirsht Tells TMZ … he’d love to sit down and talk with Dave to help him understand why so many people were upset, and how he can approach the topic better next time.

Chappell was 10/10
But if you’re going on a Friday night and the crowd is the same as it was tonight – good luck.

You would have thought that this was the first night out of the house for these boorish people after the pandemic. pic.twitter.com/UKMF3mGCA2

– Jim Murray (@bigjimmurray) 20 October 2023

AJC, a global advocacy organization, says Dave First Attempt to discuss Israel-Palestine – missed during his Boston show last week – and adds… “Dave Chappelle prides himself on precision of language and moral clarity. During last Friday’s show at the TD Garden His comments failed on both counts.”

They tell us that his initial condemnation of Hamas was great – but he should have stopped there. The AJC goes on to say, “By criticizing Israel’s retaliatory attacks and accusing the US of aiding the killing of innocent people, Chappelle has turned the truth upside down. Make no mistake, killing innocents is exactly what Hamas does. It was done on 7th October.

Of course, there are innocent Palestinians who have been killed Even after all this – over 4,300, actually, depending on what length you look at. Original Hamas attack About 1,400 or more were claimed innocent israelites survive,

In any case, the AJC believes DC needs to be more precise in its language – and they also believe they should know better in such volatile times. According to him, encouraging people to shout “Free Palestine” creates a hostile and dangerous environment for the Jewish people, and he says that if it happens again, it is important to ask what it means.

In their minds, the answer is clear…the purpose of a free Palestine is to destroy Israel.

Nevertheless, Richard says his organization would appreciate the opportunity to meet with Chappell and his team in an effort to “help deepen their understanding of the current situation and enable them to be more of a source of light than heat in the future.” Will welcome.”


Based on Dave’s track record with other controversies…the AJC probably shouldn’t hold its collective breath. he doesn’t tend to apologizeNor does he often feel the need to sit with anyone after such an incident.

Another organization that supports Jewish interests – StandWithUS – had some strong words for Dave. rose rothsteinThe co-founder and CEO says, “If reports about Chappelle’s comments are true, it is extremely disappointing that he has once again used his platform to incite more division, misinformation and hatred about Israel and the Jewish people.” “We have done a lot to promote this. We appreciate it.” “The audience spoke up and walked out of the show in protest.”

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