Deion Sanders lectures Colorado players on getting the most out of their college experience

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Deion Sanders was criticized during the college football offseason for not running the business like most coaches. Specifically, for not visiting recruits’ homes and preferring to host prospects on the University of Colorado campus.

However, if a key aspect of coaching college players is to ensure that athletes get the most out of their experience at the school, Sanders appears to be fulfilling that responsibility.

A Colorado professor recently caused a stir by sending Sanders an email saying he felt disrespected by the football players in his class for not being engaged in class and distracting other students. Instead of just wagging fingers, the coach warned his team not to take full advantage of the opportunity they got as student-athletes.

“It bothers me that we’re not just a football team, but we’re trying to prepare you for life,” Sanders told his players before sharing the professor’s message. “We’re trying to prepare you to be on that land right after this,” Sanders began his team address.

Watch the video posted by Well of Media for yourself.

In response to the professor’s message, Sanders told his players, “You’re on the field, but you’re not doing anything.” “You’re in a relationship, but you have no love. You’re at the mall, but you have no money. Lots of potential, but no talent.”

Sanders is going into his second season as Colorado’s head coach. The Buffaloes became a national sensation after winning their first three games last season. However, the team ultimately lost its final six games to finish 4–8.

Some may believe that “Coach Prime” only cares about using the job as a springboard to a position at a more lucrative program or is more concerned about football than academics. However, Sanders attempted to show that he takes his responsibility to college players seriously.

“You’ll get something out of it,” Sanders said. “You’re going to be a man or you’re going to be a great football player. Since you chose not to be a great football player, we have to make you a man.”

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