Despite publicity, Kim Kardashian is more popular than Bianca Sensori in searches

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Kim Kardashian These days, it may feel like you’re running around too Bianca Sensory – Who is “it” girl right now – but in terms of who’s more discovered…it’s OG.

We were curious which of these women were flocking to their computer screens to watch more these days — speculating that it might be because of all of this, B.C. Wild outfits and style options she’s been flaunting lately Kanye West – But as it turns out… we were wrong.

According to some basic Google Trends data… it appears that Kim K is actually the one who’s been searched for more on the platform over the past 90 days — a period in which Bianca’s popularity, visibility, and mainstream appeal have undeniably increased. Has been.

Take a look at this chart to see the results yourself – it shows that Kim (in red) has more consistent and more prevalent searches since December 19th… and while Bianca has had a lot of peaks in the past, some Over the months, Kim began beating him frequently.

The data also shows that searches among these women – in which their full name is the key word in the question – broke down across the US… and KK topped BC in all but 1.

It looks like there have been more Google searches for “Bianca Censori” than “Kim Kardashian” in the state of Wyoming over the past 90 days… which is a bit random. But hey, they like what they like!

Then again… Kanye had a whole ass farm there, so maybe it’s just this love.

In any case, there is no doubt that Kim is more popular than Bianca as far as Google is concerned – but even thanks to tools like SEMrush (which specializes in keyword research and analysis, and to which we have access hai) Kim takes cake there too. …with some ease.

We also ran their respective first and last names on it – and SEMrush discovered some interesting insights… That is, over a 12 month period, there is a monthly average of 1 million searches for the name Kim… while Bianca in the same window Clocks at 673k.

The SEMrush breakdown also notes that the name Kim is one of the most challenging keywords to compete for online – rated at 100% difficulty, while Bianca currently sits at 53%.

Kim’s average searches — again, just for their first and last names, as a unit — are pretty much flush and level over the 12-month period in terms of trending potential… and Bianca’s searches are more up and down. There are, with very high highs and high lows. So, more scattered.


The point is… it appears that Kim’s years of branding and name recognition are paying off when it comes to what people are seeing online as it relates to her and Bianca — which we think makes sense. Because she is a legacy celeb and has been in existence for ages now.

Bianca, on the other hand, is fairly new to the Hollywood scene… so her numbers are pretty impressive considering where she came from – relative obscurity, that is.

While Kim may still be the queen of Google and online searches, it appears — at least on the face of things — that Bianca is still the people’s champion. Room for both!

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