Devastation in Gaza as Israel wages war against Hamas

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6:42 pm Eastern Time, April 8, 2024

“If it weren’t for my neighbors, I wouldn’t have known it was my house,” says a boy in devastated Khan Yunis

From Mohammad Al-Sawalhi in Gaza and CNN’s Abeer Salman and Zeena Saifi in Jerusalem

Tamar carries blocks of wood to sell.


Dozens of Khan Younis residents who were forcibly displaced to Rafah traveled back to their homes on Monday.

Video shot by a CNN correspondent shows people jumping over rubble in search of their homes. Most said they were unrecognizable.

This is what some children said:

Aseel, 12 years old: She pointed to a pile of rubble in front of her. “There it was, it’s destroyed,” he said of her house. “We were only able to recover small things from our house. I wish I could have gotten my clothes.”

Tamara: He was seen carrying blocks of wood. “I’ll go sell them to earn between 10 and 20 shekels, so I never have to reach out and ask people for money,” he said, adding that he didn’t recognize her house when he first saw it. “If it weren’t for my neighbors, I wouldn’t have known my house. Devastation everywhere,” he said.

Abdelkarim: “Where are we supposed to get our stuff from? From what houses? To whom will we complain about our worries? To whom will we complain about the Israelis? We have no life here. “Where are we going to live?” she said, adding that he has spent his time in Rafah reading and writing since his school was destroyed.

“How are we going to learn now? There is no more life. Our childhood is gone. They destroyed us,” she said.

Other things: She walked with her younger brother carrying only a bag of clothes and a small toy. “Our house was bombed and demolished… this toy means a lot to me. It is a memory of home.”

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