Dispatch Confirms Han So Hee, Ryu Joon Yeol, Hyeri Relationship Drama’s Least Messy Timeline, Which Is Exciting In Its Own Way

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since Han So Hee reacts to relationship drama on her blog between him and Ryu Jun YeolIncluding his former long-term girlfriend hyeriThere has been no decrease in the disturbance with netizens but there has been a general decrease in content.

Han So Hee basically didn’t do herself any favors by leaving the comments open on her blog – considering comments are usually horrible anyway – because doing so for this mess and then responding to them on top of that was definitely Didn’t really help.

Later in the day, Han So Hee personally responded to several comments on her blog post, including one criticizing her for publicly making claims about the timing of her boyfriend’s breakup.
Han So Hee replied, “[What I said about] The timing of their breakup was not something I personally heard about [from Ryu Jun Yeol], I wrote this based on an article from June last year, but if it was out of bounds, I would remove it. I was trying to prove that we weren’t together when he was dating [Hyeri]But I think it was rude too.
However, this comment also came under criticism due to the fact that, according to news outlet Xportsnews, no articles were published about the breakup rumors between Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol in June.
In response to a separate comment, Han So Hee wrote, “Instead of getting carried away [what other people are saying], This incident is very much my fault. Starting with my Instagram story, I think I made a small thing big.

After what was probably a smart move, she deleted her blog and then made her Instagram account private (at least considering Ryu Jun Yeol is getting bombarded). Hyeri’s company has also said that it will not comment, which also seems smart.

representative on 17 March Creative Group ING informed O.S.E.N. that hairy “There is no intention to comment further on the recent SNS-related incident.”

Most people seem to be on his side, so why kick the hornet’s nest?


Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol came back from Hawaii alone wearing a mask and hoodie, not saying anything like he was doing a perp walk.

Meanwhile, everyone was wondering if Dispatch had some interesting details about the situation they were preparing for the disturbance. But while it appears that they were indeed following him to Hawaii, he more or less confirmed the only details released to date, commenting that they looked quite pathetic.

Their date didn’t seem like a date. Han So Hee was looking at her phone more than her food and Ryu Jun Yeol. Ryu Jun Yeol will just eat without saying a word.

It didn’t look like they were having any fun. Han So Hee continued to wander around in the air, staring at the ground. Ryu Jun Yeol kept walking around in the air, looking at the back of Han So Hee’s head.

More importantly (or boringly, depending on your viewpoint), they essentially confirm that Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol are done breaking up by June 2023, even though they officially split in September. They went.

Dispatch also took a look at Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri’s last meeting, which revealed that they parted ways around June 2023. Ryu Jun was also not present at Yeol Hyeri’s birthday party, which was in June.

“Generally the two do not share stories about their love life. But even if they don’t say anything, I can feel it. I have been in touch with him frequently… The time he spends looking at his phone has gradually reduced. But Ryu Jun didn’t go to Yeol Hyeri’s birthday party. Everyone felt something was wrong.” – Insider

Dispatch also appeared to be coming back MBC News Report/Damage Control That Han So Hee and Ryu Jun Yeol first met on November 15 at his photo exhibition and he was a photographer park this way Han brought So Hee there because the two are best friends.

He also said there were five people on the plane, and the pair were found later.

She was one of five people on the air journey. While Ryu Jun Yeol and Han So Hee first met at an art exhibit, it wasn’t love at first sight. Dispatch said that while talking about art, the two gradually fell in love.

So for all us drama whores, this is probably the most boring “expose” ever. At least this left Han So Hee confused as to where her timeline information came from and whether or not the basic details were correct. Furthermore, it was also true that they did not know each other before Ryu Jun Yeol’s breakup with Hyeri and they started dating later. Of course, this is dispatch, so maybe they were given this information or something by Han So Hee or Ryu Joon Yeol, but until nothing comes out later to contradict it, it’s hard to draw that conclusion That it is anything but celebs providing us with content. And being dirty.

That said, in terms of the netizens themselves potentially being wrong, this is probably the funniest possible outcome. In Korea and internationally, people have taken each other’s sides in this whole matter and are spreading dirt all over the place by projecting their own biases and issues on one, two or even all three of the celebs involved. So for a stupid person like me, who is just watching this incident and wants to see as many netizens eat shit as possible, it is likely to conclude that “a couple broke up, and a person dated a few months later “Started dating” is actually pretty amazing.

Who knew that “probably none of them did anything to deserve much reaction” would be a hot move? Although we’ll probably have to wait and see if that’s actually the case.

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