‘Drag Race’ star Shangela accused of multiple sexual assaults

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Five members of the LGBTQ community are leveling allegations of sexual assault or coercion against drag performer Shangela, who resolved a previous rape case that allegedly occurred on the set of the HBO series through mediation in February.

one in Rolling stone In the article published Monday, the five accused recount events that involved Darius Jeremy Pierce, the man behind the drag persona Shangela, who appeared in season two Ru Paul’s Drag Race and HBO’s drag-centric show, were here, Individuals were reportedly assaulted or attempts were made to intoxicate them beyond the capacity to consent. All five told the magazine that they came forward after HBO production assistant Danielle McGarrigle filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing Pierce of drugging and raping her after a 2020 wrap party; The case was settled in arbitration after the judge dismissed two charges. Pierce vehemently denied the allegation, saying “it has no basis in fact or law.”

Many new allegations against Pierce Rolling stone‘s story has similar details to McGarrigle’s and each other’s – almost all accounts involve Pierce allegedly purchasing or providing alcohol to the young men, who were between the ages of 18 and 23 at the time. Says there were attacks; Many of the memories include men waking up dazed and confused in Pierce’s bed and there are several accounts of a third man being present in the room.

One of Pierce’s accusers, a 27-year-old man named Helmer, decided to file a police report in Los Angeles in 2023 regarding the alleged assault. Helmer says he was 20 when he met Pierce in Los Angeles in 2017 and recalls “waking up completely naked in a bed and supposedly being at Pierce’s residence” when the two They met for dinner and the drag star bought him a mojito.

,[Helmer] According to the report, in the complaint Pierce was asked what happened last night and why he was naked. “Piers responded, ‘We had sex, and it involved another guy you brought over.’ [Helmer] Asked who the other guy was, Pierce said he didn’t know, ‘but you were really into it.’

Refuting these claims, a lawyer representing Pierce told the magazine that the two had consensual sex with a third man they met at a bar. He also denied the claims of the second accuser, Edward Ramirez, who claimed that the artist pushed him to the floor of a closet in 2018 when he was 21 and attempted to penetrate her. Brettler told Rolling stone That the three people could “certify that Mr. Pierce and Mr. Ramirez were never alone together”.

Another accuser, Zane Chekri, told the magazine that he was 18 in 2017 when he met Pierce in London. After drinking a drink provided by Pierce, she found herself vomiting on Pierce’s bed; He added that he “doesn’t have control over what’s happening.” Pierce’s attorney said that he and Chekri were not intimate, but that they had consumed alcohol, and that he had gone to his client’s apartment.

An accuser named Zachary says he met Pierce in New Orleans in 2015, then “blacked out” after a night of drinking and woke up with Pierce and a third man. “I heard Shangela say, ‘Stick it in there,’ and I immediately said ‘No,'” Zachary recalled. Rolling stone, He said that after this he again became unconscious. Pierce’s lawyer told Rolling stone Zachary “engaged in consensual sexual activity before going to bed” that night.

Pierce is denying that he has met the fifth accuser, Royally Soliz, who claims that in 2012, after being given drinks, he fell asleep, but when he woke up he saw the artist whom he described as ” Who was trying to put his penis inside her mouth. Denying through his attorney, Pierce said he has “no recollection of meeting Roy Soliz” and that he “never had any type of non-consensual sexual relationship with her or anyone else.” “

According to the report, many of the accusers who filed charges against Pierce were hesitant to do so because it could shock the drag community. The once underground scene has gone mainstream, with shows like drag race And were here Seeking a broader audience, family-friendly programs such as drag brunches and story hours have been targeted by right-wing action groups. Speaking to the magazine, Chekri said she thinks “it’s a huge relief that finally, this conversation is starting.”

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