Dwyane Wade Opens Up About the Difficult Conversation With Gabrielle Union Regarding His Child With Another Woman

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Dwyane Wade recently unveiled the excruciating conversation he engaged in with Gabrielle Union, which came perilously close to terminating their enduring companionship.

Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade recently talked about the hard talk he had with Gabrielle Union about the child he fathered with another woman. (Chris Pizzello / Invision / Associated Press)

The luminary of the NBA Hall divulged the juncture when he divulged to Union his fathering of a progeny, Xavier Zechariah Wade, with another lady named Aja Métoyer. This transpired during a hiatus in the relationship of the illustrious pair back in 2013.

The Miami Heat virtuoso divulged that at that time, he endeavored to sever his bond with Union, believing it to be the most judicious course of action given the circumstances.

“I endeavored to tread gingerly around it, I attempted to terminate our affiliation,” Wade conveyed to the sports commentator Shannon Sharpe, in a rehashed excerpt from his June appearance on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast. “I broached subjects such as ‘Our recent circumstances have been less than stellar,’ or ‘Our romantic union has been marked by some estrangement recently.’ I explored every conceivable avenue. She, however, persisted in her presence.” After a period of time, Wade discerned that he had to embark on the “arduous dialogue” with Union concerning the predicament.

“One ruminates upon it exhaustively, it’s thoroughly disconcerting,” Wade expounded.”But one acknowledges that this will cause emotional distress to someone with whom you have been building a connection and a shared life. Irrespective of external opinions or the conjectures of outsiders, ultimately, one must introspect and converse with oneself, and I had to engage in dialogue with my spouse.”

Wade acknowledged that he would have found that particular moment insurmountable without Union’s unwavering support. By December 2013, the pair had surmounted this obstacle and reunited. The “Bring It On” actor and the NBA luminary disseminated the tidings of their betrothal through a series of Instagram images. “And so, this momentous event unfolded… #Indeed,” Union ecstatically captioned a photograph of a substantial cushion-cut gemstone, ensconced snugly on her digit. They subsequently entered into matrimony in Miami in 2014. Nevertheless, the altercation of 2013 still lingers as an issue that the couple is actively addressing on an emotional plane.

“It has been far from flawless, it shall perpetually elude perfection, yet that occurred nearly a decade ago,” Wade articulated. “We attend therapy sessions, engage in passionate discussions about this matter, and have also had regular conversations about it. Ergo, this will remain an issue that necessitates my diligence and attention… It does not dissipate with the passage of time or the utterance of an ‘apology.'”

Union bared her soul about her discovery that Wade was destined to be a progenitor anew in her memoir titled “You Possess Anything More Potent?” published towards the end of 2021. “To declare that I was desolated would be to select a word from the lower echelons of convenience,” Gabrielle penned. “Words have failed me, and even after innumerable sessions of psychotherapy, I am not entirely convinced that I possess the requisite lexicon now. But veracity is of paramount import.” What most perturbs Wade about the situation is the plausible psychic toll it might exact on his progeny.

“When one contemplates the ramifications upon my progeny, it becomes a formidable burden,” Wade contended. “This blemish will forever mar his reputation without any reasonable cause. This preys heavily on my thoughts… He is a young progeny, already besmirched by an unwarranted adverse association, and he has not yet been afforded the opportunity to achieve anything of significance.”

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