Elon Musk calls for Disney CEO Bob Iger to be fired. here’s why

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Elon Musk calls for Disney CEO Bob Iger to be fired.  here's why

Disney representatives have not yet responded to Musk’s call for Iger’s termination. (file)

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Elon Musk is calling for Disney CEO Bob Iger to be fired in response to Disney’s decision to remove advertising from its troubled social media platform X, CNN reports.

On Thursday, Mr Musk, the owner of Ax and a billionaire conspiracy theorist, took to social media, where he often voices his opinions, to express his dissatisfaction with Iger’s actions.

Mr Musk, who is known for using his influential platform to confront critics, declared that Iger should be ousted from his role immediately, saying, “He should be fired immediately. Bob Walt Disney is turning in his grave.”

Disney representatives have not yet responded to Mr Musk’s calls for Iger’s firing. According to CNN, Iger is widely acknowledged for leading Disney to entertainment dominance through strategic acquisitions including Star Wars, Marvel Studios and Pixar.

Like many other major companies, Disney halted advertising on X last month after Mr Musk endorsed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory backed by white supremacists. Mr Musk issued a silent apology for the post last week, but also delivered a profanity-laced message to companies that choose to avoid advertising on their social media platforms.

At the New York Times DealBook summit, Mr Musk expressed his anger at Iger and criticized the Disney CEO for the decision to stop advertising on X, citing Musk as the reason. Iger explained that the association with Elon Musk and X was not seen as positive for Disney.

“We just felt that the association with Elon Musk and X was not necessarily a positive one for us,” CNN quoted Iger as saying.

The move to halt ads coincides with a broader trend on X since Mr Musk takes control in late 2022. His decisions have contributed to an increase in hate speech, misinformation, and conspiracy theories on the platform.

According to CNN reporting, Elon Musk himself has played a role in promoting toxicity on X, including promoting the false and dangerous Pizzagate conspiracy theory. The lack of major advertising partners has severely affected X’s finances, as the platform relies heavily on advertising revenue. Mr Musk acknowledged at the DealBook summit that the ongoing advertising boycott was likely to devastate his company.

Elon Musk bluntly said, “What this ad boycott is going to do is it’s going to destroy the company.”

Despite the financial challenges facing Ax, Mr Musk has not taken personal responsibility for the situation, blaming advertisers and suggesting they would be responsible for Ax’s potential collapse, CNN reports.

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