Ethan Crumbley to be sentenced for school shooting in Oxford, Michigan

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11:32 a.m. ET, December 8, 2023

Victim describes horrible moments after being shot by Michigan gunman and how he fought to stay alive

From CNN’s Aditi Sangal

Kylie Ossege delivers a victim impact statement on Friday.


The day of the shooting started like any other for Oxford High School student Kylie Ossege, until she said she thought “a balloon popped.”

“I fell straight to the ground. I remember hearing screams. I saw running, but I couldn’t run. I was already on the ground,” she told the court in her victim impact statement. “I realized what had just happened: I had just been shot. I thought I was going to die.”

As he lay on the ground, Ossege said he tried to get up but his legs wouldn’t move. He said he hit his legs in an attempt to regain any kind of feeling. “But not a single thing,” he told the court.

Ossege described feeling heat under his cheek as he lay on the ground. It was the blood-soaked carpet that also made a “squishing” sound against her ear.

When she put her hand to her head, she said she realized it was 14-year-old shooting victim Hana St. Juliana. “I could hear her moaning next to me. Realizing that she was not alone, I kept trying to reassure her: ‘someone will come to help us, don’t worry, keep breathing. Please stay with me’. I told her a thousand times.”

As they lay there “in solitude,” Ossege described repeating his mother’s phone number “to make sure my brain was working” and “creating math problems in my head and solving them to make sure I wasn’t dying.”

Ossege said he spent a week in the intensive care unit (ICU) and five weeks in rehabilitation, learning basic tasks: eating, brushing teeth, showering, dressing, walking and climbing stairs.

The bullet shattered her collarbone, broke two ribs, grazed her spine and caused a spinal cord injury, he said, adding that she underwent surgeries and is still undergoing treatment. Since this event, she described not being able to play sports she loved, return to her job, and walk long distances. Her body, she said, has also lost the ability to stay warm or cool depending on the temperature outside.

“My life has completely changed,” Ossege said.

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