Exclusive: Pro-Trump Attorney Kenneth Chesebro Cooperates in Multiple State Investigations into 2020 Fake Voter Plot

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The pro-Trump lawyer who helped mastermind the 2020 fake electors plot and already pleaded guilty to the conspiracy in Georgia is now cooperating with investigators in the states of Michigan and Wisconsin in hopes of avoiding further criminal charges, they said. several sources to CNN.

In a dramatic change from 2020, when the lawyer, Kenneth Chesebrowas at the center of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to subvert the Electoral College and reverse his defeat; Chesebro is now assisting investigators in at least four states who are looking into the scheme.

Chesebro’s cooperation in Wisconsin is the first sign that the state attorney general’s office has launched its own investigation into the fake lists of pro-Trump voters. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul, a Democrat, has not publicly announced that an investigation is underway.

Chesebro also recently testified before a grand jury in Nevada, where indictments were brought against six false voters. Announced Wednesday by state prosecutors. Additionally, Chesebro has been in contact with prosecutors in Arizona, where he plans to appear for an interview as part of that state’s ongoing investigation into fake voters.

CNN has previously identified Chesebro as an unindicted co-conspirator in special counsel Jack Smith’s federal indictment against Trump, where the former president is accused of orchestrating the fake elector scheme “to disenfranchise millions of voters” and illegally remain in power. There is no indication that Chesebro is cooperating in the federal investigation or that Smith has dropped charges against him.

Trump’s campaign targeted seven states with the plan in 2020. Charges have been filed against bogus electors in Georgia, Michigan and Nevada. Investigations are underway in Arizona, New Mexico and now, apparently, Wisconsin. The seventh state in the plot was Pennsylvania.

The Michigan investigation, led by state Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, was the first in the country to file criminal charges. It now appears that the scope of Nessel’s investigation may be broader than previously known, and he is looking at other figures with ties to the scheme beyond the fake voters themselves.

The Michigan attorney general’s office confirmed to CNN in an email this week that its investigation is still active.

The Wisconsin attorney general’s office declined to comment, as did Chesebro’s attorney.

Chesebro has entered into what are known as offering agreements in several states, which gives you some protection from prosecution, according to multiple sources. His cooperation with investigators in Michigan and Wisconsin had not been previously reported.

But cooperating with state prosecutors does not guarantee that Chesebro will avoid criminal charges in any or all of the ongoing investigations, the sources cautioned.

Nessel’s ongoing investigation has already produced charges against all 16 fake voters in Michigan. One agreed to cooperate in exchange for his case being dropped. The rest have pleaded not guilty and key hearings will be held this month in their attempt to throw the case.

Sources told CNN that Nessel has vetted another pro-Trump lawyer, Ian Northon, who was in contact with top Trump allies after the 2020 election and accompanied the false voters when they tried to enter the Michigan statehouse.

In collection documentsAgainst Michigan’s fake electors, prosecutors highlighted how Northon attempted to persuade a state trooper to allow them into the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, but were rebuffed. This was a key part of the plan that Chesebro and others devised: Federal law and Michigan statutes require electors to meet in the statehouse, and Chesebro expected the pro-Trump slate to follow the law as strictly as possible.

An attorney for Northon did not comment for this story.

After the 2020 election, Northon participated in conference calls with then-Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, where they discussed how to challenge the results, according to Northon’s testimony before the House select committee that investigated the Sept. 6 insurrection. January 2021.

Northon also had a phone call withSidney Powell, a right-wing lawyer and conspiracy theorist who pleaded guilty in the Georgia election subversion case. She asked him to join a lawsuit she was filing in Michigan over overturning the election; He refused and filed a separate lawsuit challenging the results. The meritless cases went nowhere.

According to his testimony before Congress, Northon had no ties to Chesebro, except that a colleague sent him one of Chesebro’s memos about the Electoral College after the 2020 election. Northon also said he learned about it from a pro-Trump state lawmaker. that the false electors would gather in Lansing.

“I think I was as disappointed as anyone watching what happened on January 6 at the Capitol,” Northon told the House committee in 2022. “My efforts in representing these private clients were to get people to follow the law , not encourage people to break it.”

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