Fact Check: Trump Falsely Claims US Had No Terrorist Attacks During His Presidency

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Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally on Monday, October 23, 2023, in Derry, New Hampshire.


Former President Donald Trump made numerous false claims in a campaign speech Monday in New Hampshire.

Trump falsely claimed that the United States suffered no terrorist attacks during his presidency. He falsely claimed that Republican presidential rival Nikki Haley had initially proposed “flooding” the United States with refugees from Gaza.

He repeated his frequent lie that the 2020 election was “rigged” and “stolen.” He mischaracterized an exchange he had with Joe Biden and a moderator during a 2020 presidential debate.

And he repeated a variety of false claims familiar from his presidency. These included his standard claim that no previous president had derived revenue from tariffs on China. Actually, the United States has applied tariffs on Chinese goods for more than two centuries and received billions per year under his predecessor – and his old story about passing a policy that supposedly sentenced anyone who damaged a monument to 10 years in prison ; that is No what his executive order did.

Trump also claimed, without evidence, that Biden received money from China.

Below are more detailed fact checks of Trump’s inaccurate claims about terrorist attacks under his watch and Haley’s stance on accepting refugees from Gaza.

While criticizing Biden for his handling of Iran and national security issues, Trump made a major false claim about his own national security record in office: He wrongly stated that there were no terrorist attacks in the United States during his presidency.

“If you look, all the problems, all the big problems, they all stopped. And I never talked about it during my four years, but look what happened: We didn’t have an attack in the United States for four years,” Trump said in a campaign speech in New Hampshire.

Trump touted his ban on travel from “horrendous and dangerous nations.” most of which were Muslim-majority countries. Then he repeated: “But we did not suffer any attacks for four years.”

Facts first: Trump’s claim that “we didn’t have any attacks in four years” is not true. The claim is inaccurate even if it specifically referred to attacks by Islamic extremists.

Trump’s own Justice Department alleged that a mass murder in New York City in 2017, which killed eight people and injured others, was a terrorist attack carried out in support of ISIS; Trump repeatedly lamented this attack during his presidency. Trump’s Justice Department Too alleged that a 2019 attack by an extremist member of the Saudi Arabian military, which killed three U.S. service members and wounded others at a military base in Florida, “was motivated by jihadist ideology” and was carried out by a long-time al Qaeda “associate.”

Additionally, there were a variety of other terrorist attacks during Trump’s presidency. In particular, Trump’s Justice Department saying It was a “domestic terrorist attack” when one of Trump’s supporters He mailed improvised explosive devices to prominent Democratic officials, CNN and others in 2018.

In 2019, a white supremacist pleaded guilty to multiple charges in New York. including first-degree murder in furtherance of an act of terrorism, for killing a black man in March 2017 to try to start a race war. And Trump’s Justice Department described a 2019 shooting massacre at a Walmart in Texas as an act of domestic terrorism; The gunman who killed 23 people targeted Latinos.

Trump’s false claim about Haley and Gaza refugees

Trump claimed that Nikki Haley, his Republican presidential rival and former US ambassador to the United Nations, had proposed that the United States take in large numbers of refugees from Gaza.

“But she stepped back (you saw that disaster last week) after proposing flooding the United States with refugees from Gaza. “Oh, that sounds like a wonderful idea, doesn’t it?” Trump said in a speech in New Hampshire.

Facts first: Trump’s claim is wrong. Haley did not propose taking in large numbers of refugees from Gaza. Trump was falsely portraying his Oct. 15 response to a question from CNN anchor Jake Tapper that was not even about US refugee policy towards Gaza.

The campaign of another Republican candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom Trump also criticized in his Monday speech, has made similar claims about Haley’s comments to Tapper. CNN verified the DeSantis camp’s claims last week.

Like CNN explained In that earlier fact check, Haley never said anywhere in her comments to Tapper that she wanted the United States to take in refugees from Gaza.

Rather, the former governor of South Carolina was asked by Tapper for his thoughts on DeSantis saying that while not all Gazans are Hamas, “they are all anti-Semites” and “none of them” believe Israel has a right to exist. Haley responded that many Gazans do not want to be ruled by Hamas, just as many Iranians oppose the regime that rules them, and that the United States should continue to distinguish between terrorists and civilians.

He did not say that the United States should take in any of these Gaza civilians as refugees. And in later comments, Haley expressed her strong opposition to the United States accepting refugees from Gaza. She argument on Fox last Tuesday that “Hamas-friendly” Middle Eastern countries should take in these refugees.

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