First change in WWE Championship rules

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First change in WWE Championship rules


The WWE Championship rule change was used for the first time on tonight’s NXT as the Heritage Cup title was defended.

With the latest winner of the Cup being Charlie Dempsey, it was recently revealed by the No Quarter Catch Crew that he would share title defense duties.

When a challenger has a match for the Heritage Cup, the match will be under their ‘catch clause’, meaning any member of the faction can make a defense on behalf of Crews, not just Dempsey, even if May he be the one who wins it.

Earlier on tonight’s show, Charlie Dempsey and Miles Bourne represented The Crew when they defeated Nathan Fraser and Axiom in a tournament to reach the Stand and Deliver Tag Title Match.

The pairing was not successful as Fraser and Axiom moved on in their quest to take on The Wolf Dogs (Baron Corbin and Braun Breaker) at NXT Stand & Deliver.

When it came time for Chase U’s Riley Osborn to get his chance at the Heritage Cup, it would ultimately be Drew Gulak to defend the cup on behalf of the No Quarter Catch Crew.

In the end, Crews retained the title, winning 2–1 in a Heritage Cup match with Gulak, when some shenanigans between Jessie Jayne and Thea Hale at ringside led to interference by Osbourne and Jazmine Nix.

You can see more details about the match finish in the clip below.

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