Florida man accused of threatening member of Congress

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Michael Shapiro, 72, allegedly called a member of his congressional office on December 19.

A Florida man was charged with allegedly threatening a member of Congress, saying he was going to “come and kill” the member’s children, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Michael Shapiro, 72, allegedly called a member of Congress’s office in Washington, DC, five times on December 19.

Every time he called, he allegedly left threatening messages.

“Hey mother-{expletive]you [expletive] a Chinese spy. Your mother-[ expletive]I’m going to go after you and kill you [n-word]”he said, according to court documents.

“I’m going to kill your children,” read the next message he left, according to the documents.

Shapiro allegedly left threatening messages to members three times before and pleaded guilty in 2019 to threatening members of Congress.

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