Fox News Host Sean Hannity Moves to ‘Free State of Florida’

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Veteran Fox News host Sean Hannity has left New York for Florida.

The 62-year-old pundit announced Tuesday that he was “broadcasting from [his] new home, the great free state of Florida.”

Hannity, a Long Island native who He started at Fox News in 1996.He cited warm weather, the lack of a state income tax, “law and order” and “more freedom” as reasons for his abandonment.

While Hannity didn’t say exactly where his show is based now, he reportedly purchased a $5.3 million townhouse in Palm Beach. very close to former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate – in 2021.

The right-wing pundit shares a close relationship with Trump, including advocating for him on television and radio, in addition to accompanying him in the electoral campaign.

However, Hannity admitted in a sworn statement that knew conspiracy theories Fox News’ pressures on rigged voting machines, which they claimed led to Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, were not true. network paid almost 900 million dollars to resolve a lawsuit with one of the technology companies that falsely blamed and currently still faces litigation with another.

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