French presidency botches Macron’s comments on Rwanda genocide – POLITICO

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“I have nothing to add or take away from what I said,” Macron added in the pre-recorded video that aired on Sunday about the “so important and so cruel moment” in Rwanda’s history.

In 1994, extremists from the Hutu ethnic group launched a massacre against the Tutsi minority and Hutu moderates, killing some 800,000 people in the landlocked East African country.

A 2021 report, led by French historians, found that France bears a “great and overwhelming responsibility” for what happened and had been “blind” to the preparations for the genocide. Paris, under President François Mitterrand, supported the Hutu leaders at the time.

Macron’s words fall short of what the French presidency told journalists last week about the upcoming message to Rwanda. In notes seen by POLITICO, Macron was expected to go a step further in acknowledging France’s failures to stop the genocide.

“The head of state will remind everyone that… the international community had the means to know and act… and that France, which could have stopped the genocide with its Western and African allies, did not have the will to do so,” the statement says. saying.

A press official at the Elysée Palace told POLITICO on Monday that there had been “an error in the communications equipment.”

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