Garrison Brown’s friend wants sister wives’ marriages annulled after death

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bryson cook Is working to overcome his grief.

Tomorrow robert garrison brown was laid to rest, sister Wives The alum’s close friend shared an emotional message that ended with the call to “#cancelsisterwives.”

“You told me you’d always be there for me,” Bryson wrote in his March 11 Instagram post. “You said you’d speak at my future wedding and that you’d like us to live next door to each other once we settle down.”

Bryson shares some fond memories with Garrison’s son kody brown And Janelle Brown-including the time the reality star encouraged her to “stay all three hours of church.”

Bryson continued, “I remember late-night conversations about life and the future.” “I’m angry at you Robert, I’m angry that you left without talking to me one last time. I know I’ll see you again and we can hug it out, but right now I’m angry.”

“I miss you buddy,” he said as he closed the message.

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