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refresh for latest, The trio lead a busy holdover weekend for wide studio releases Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, kung fu panda 4 And Dune: Part 2, And, in a spectacular performance, Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning boy and heron The foray into China helped the market set a new Qingming holiday record.

Meanwhile, the Best Picture Oscar winner oppenheimerBoosted by its release in Japan, it has now become Christopher Nolan’s biggest film at the international box office.

Before we delve into all that, there was also fresh blood flowing into some overseas territories with Disney/20th Century Studios. first omen debuting with $9.1 million From 43 markets (about 76% excluding offshore scenarios and notably France and Germany which go into next weekend). This is almost as expected. global bow is $17.5M,

Latin America is reliant on horror and the prequels have done the best Mexico Where it opened at number 3 with $1.6M. Rounding out the top 5 Indonesia ($700K), UK ($700K), Korea ($600K) and brazil ($600K).

Additionally, Universal began the rollout of Dev Patel’s directorial debut in only 27 markets, monkey man, action thriller reached $2.6M In the early foreign games, with UK The top starts at $1M (up from already). john wick, global bow is $12.7M, International markets, including France and Korea, will continue to be added over the next few weeks.

Back to the Legends, Warner Bros./Legendary godzilla x kong roar for another $59.3M Across 69 overseas markets, a 53% decline was seen after a very strong start to the Easter weekend. international cum is now $226m For $361.1M Global as of Sunday. In total, IMAX is valued at $34M worldwide.

In like-for-like offshore markets and using today’s exchange rates, the Beast is tracking 40% ahead Godzilla23% more than Meg 2: Chasm15% above both Dune: Part 2 And M:i79% more godzilla vs kong and roughly equal Kong: Skull Island,

France And Germany were new this session with $2.9M and $2.7M respectively. The latter was 90% larger than the launch godzilla vs kong,

gxk The rage continues in ChinaNow with a gross of $92.2 million – more than the two-week box office Transformers: Rise of the Beast And fast x in the market. gxk Profits came from playing during the Qingming Festival (or Tomb Sweeping) holidays, which, as mentioned, reached a record high (see more below).

Elsewhere, after the second session, gxk has topped the full run of GVK And Kong: Skull Island In Latin America.

The top 5 markets to date are China ($92.2 million), Mexico ($23.7 million), UK ($11.2 million), India ($10.2 million) and Australia ($7.4 million).

There are still nine markets left to open, including the Middle East and Japan.

Universal/DreamWorks Animation kung fu panda 4 Three more markets were added this weekend as the gradual rollout continues. frame came in $27.4M Out of 76 in total (-34% of holdovers). It raises the international level $244.4M which is quite high KFP3 And how to train your dragon 3 At the same point of release. Globally, now is the time $410.4M,

was one of the new markets new zealand At $761K including previews. with $736K taiwanWhile the closure of some theaters and the aftershocks of last week’s devastating earthquake hampered some family moviegoing, the film delivered the franchise’s biggest opening day and the biggest animation opening of 2024.

In China, KFP4 The Qingming Festival holidays also benefited, with Thursday and Friday seeing strong growth. With $42.7 million so far, the film has surpassed its lifetime total frozen, finding Dory, sing, toy story 4, moana And Minions: The Rise of Gru in the market.

Mexico It added $2 million this weekend for a total of $31.8 million, outperforming previous titles in the franchise and now leading the entire race. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Hotel Transylvania 3, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse And from inside to outside.

In UK, a vigorous midweek game during the school holidays. Local cume is $16M, topping ice age 5 And hotel Transylvania And remains number 1 in the market.

Top 5 till date China ($42.7 million), Mexico ($31.8 million), UK ($16 million), Germany ($13.3 million) and Italy ($10.3M).

Korea is also included in the markets coming on April 10.

Warner Bros./Legendaries Dune: Part 2 couple $11.2 million There was a further decline of a further 42% in 73 offshore markets. Forex closing in on $400 million $395.8M until Sunday. Globally, the total is $660.7M to date. IMAX’s worldwide revenue is $139.4M, of which $75.1M is international (in France) dune 2 It’s the second biggest IMAX title of all time Avatar: The Path of Water,

Overall, the top 5 international markets to date are China ($47.7 million), UK ($46.3 million), Germany ($37.6 million), France ($36.4 million) and Australia ($21.1 million).

Universal Best Picture Oscar Winner oppenheimerFirst released in Japan last weekend, it has now become Christopher Nolan’s highest-grossing film to date internationally. $638.4M to date. The global total is now $968.3M,

Japan Adding $1.6M in its second year brings the total to $5.5M so far. it’s quite high interstellarin line with dunkirk and just stop the dark Knight Rises, this is also ahead Dune: Part 2 and double dune At the same point of release.

As we noted last weekend, however, the Japan release was delayed due to the sensitivity of the subject matter oppenheimer It had the biggest opening ever as it won the Best Picture Oscar Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, IMAX local total is $1.6M.

Sony’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire implicated another $7.1 million From 31 markets for offshore fees $49.3M, is global $138.2M until Sunday. France, Brazil, Italy, Korea and Saudi Arabia have yet to be released.

look at ChinaAccording to local media, the total box office for the Thursday–Saturday holiday reached RMB 841.64M ($118.6M). This is a record for a release window coming before 2021. all the drama was led boy and heron With approximately $54M for the period. The film’s total frame from Wednesday-Sunday was around $72 million.


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