GOP rules out Jim Jordan as House Speaker candidate after losing third vote

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Washington — House Republicans voted to impeach the representative. Jim Jordan as his speaker candidate after he failed to obtain a majority three times this week, sending the party back to the drawing board and leaving the House leaderless for at least three more days.

The House Republican Conference met behind closed doors Friday afternoon, where they voted in a secret ballot on whether Jordan should remain the nominee. Eighty-six members said Jordan should remain in the race and 112 said no, according to lawmakers in the room.

“I thought it was important that we all know [and] “I got an answer to the question of whether they wanted me to continue in that role,” Jordan said after the meeting. “So we put the question to them. They made a different decision.”

The decision to impeach Jordan came after an earlier vote in the House of Representatives that made clear his support was eroding. Jordan received 194 votes in this round, compared to 200 in the first round on Tuesday and 199 in the second on Wednesday. The number of Republicans who voted for various non-Jordanian protest candidates grew over the course of the three rounds, from 20 to 22 to 25 on Friday.

Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry, who is leading the House through the increasingly tumultuous process of finding a permanent speaker, said Republicans will hold another candidate forum on Monday, with the goal of holding a floor vote Tuesday. the morning.

“My goal is to speak with you this time next Friday as chairman of the Financial Services Committee,” McHenry said.

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