Here’s why the $30 million Easter Sunday heist in Los Angeles could go unsolved

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the wild Theft of $30 million in cash from a Los Angeles warehouse Easter Sunday was apparently organized by a group of top-level criminals – and so clean it could go unsolved, an expert says.

“This is a group that would have to have a lot of prior experience,” Scott Selby, a Harvard-educated lawyer and co-author of “Flawless,” a book about the famous Antwerp diamond heist, told The Post.

“It’s like if you’re a gymnast, you know, when you reach world-class quality, you’ve already done a lot of work,” Selby said of the type of thieves who appear to have attacked the GardaWorld facility in the Sylmar neighborhood last week.

The sophisticated criminals sneaked into the site through the roof and accessed a safe without setting off any alarms, authorities said.

Around $30 million was stolen from GardaWorld in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday. ABC7

They took $30 million in hard cash, which would have weighed 660 pounds in $100 bills, Selby said.

“We know they are good because they came and went without anyone noticing. And so far, there is nothing obvious that would lead the LAPD and the FBI to know who they are,” the expert said.

“It is quite possible that this case will remain unsolved, given the level of skill involved in this and the fact that there have already been no compelling leads.

“And also the nature of what they stole,” Selby said. “I mean, you can’t work backwards. If someone sees a very unusual diamond, remember, “Hey, I know that stone.” But no one will say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember using a $100 bill.’ “

As to whether the heist, which is one of the largest in Los Angeles history, could have been an inside job, Selby said it’s possible.

“If you define an inside job as someone who provides key information, that could be the case,” he explained. “The big question I would ask if I were the LAPD or the FBI is what kind of information thieves need to do this job.

“Thirty million, is that the usual amount they have there? Was there something special about this Easter Sunday, or is it just a holiday weekend that you decided to visit the place? Was there any particular weakness in that part of the roof? he said.

The warehouse contained at least $30 million in cash. ABC7

The heist immediately drew comparisons to other famous Los Angeles heists, including one just two years ago, when thieves made off with up to $100 million in jewelry and other valuables from an armored truck returning from a gem show. That mega theft remains unsolved.

Selby said it would be even easier for GardaWorld thieves to make their loot disappear, adding to the idea that the latest heist could baffle investigators for years to come.

“These guys have cash and they are used bills that have been picked up at supermarkets and convenience stores,” he told The Post. They have cash and since it’s not new, we’re not talking about sequential serial numbers. “It’s just cash.”

The GardaWorld robbery also reminded Selby of the 1972 United Bank robbery, which took place at a shopping center in Laguna Niguel, California.

Police have not identified any suspects. ABC7
GardaWorld holds cash from local businesses. AP

“It’s a similar modus operandi: they entered through the roof, managed to prevent the alarms from being activated and took the cash,” he explained.

“And these criminals were really smart. They cleaned everything. But they made a mistake,” Selby said of the old bank robbery. “No one operated the dishwasher [at their safehouse]. … The police took fingerprints off the plates and found a name.”

While the Sylmar heist seems very expert, solving it could come down to a similar mistake, Selby said, and be aided by 2024 technology.

“Now it’s a completely different game, we have touch DNA,” he said. “Just the slightest slip and you could get DNA from one of these criminals.”

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