Hijacked Metro bus crashes into hotel in downtown Los Angeles – Telemundo 52

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A Metro bus that was hijacked by a gunman collided with cars and crashed into a hotel in a chaotic scene Wednesday night in downtown Los Angeles.

The accident at the Ritz-Carton Hotel was reported around 11:40 pm in the area of ​​Georgia Street and Olympic Boulevard near the GRAMMY Museum in LA Live. Officers were told that a man on the bus pulled out a weapon, later determined to be a BB gun, and ordered the bus driver to drive to several locations, according to Metro.

Security camera video showed the bus colliding with cars, including one at an intersection where another Metro bus driver stopped just as the hijacked bus ran a red light and crossed the intersection. Dashboard camera video showed the bus speeding past and captured the sound of it crashing into the side of the luxury hotel.

The 24-year-old man wanted for the kidnapping was arrested in the area, where he was riding a bicycle, approximately an hour after the accident. Details about a possible motive were not immediately available.

The bus driver and a woman who was in the car hit by the bus were injured. Details about his conditions were not immediately available.

Vehicles struck by the bus included a black Mercedes Benz sedan near the hotel, a pickup truck and another black Mercedes Benz sedan that appeared to collide with the bus as it ran a red light.

There were no passengers on the badly damaged bus, which remained at the scene early Thursday morning.

The weapon was recovered at the scene.

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