House Republicans seek reset after Jordan loses fight for president: summary

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House Republicans are seeking a reset after Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) once again fell short of the speakership on Friday, continuing the two-week stalemate that has plunged the chamber into chaos.

Following Jordan’s third failed attempt with the gavel, the Republican conference voted to no longer endorse the Ohio Republican for president in a secret ballot.

Since then, several members of the Republican Party have announced they are running for the seat, while others are making calls about running for president or considering entering the race.

The Republican conference will hold a candidates forum at 6:30 p.m. on Monday afternoon and will vote on a new president-designate on Tuesday morning. Candidates must submit their names by noon on Sunday.

The conference previously rejected a proposal Thursday to temporarily empower Speaker Pro Tempore Patrick McHenry (R.N.C.), which was seen by many as a last-ditch way to resume business in the House as the race for speaker continues behind the scenes. .

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