How Rep. Lauren Boebert’s New Colorado Congressional District Compares to Her Old One

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Rep. Lauren Boebert talks to reporters after leading the House floor at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, June 21, 2023 in Washington, DC.


US Representative Lauren Boebert decision to change electoral district With less than a year until the 2024 elections, it could be the key to preserving his political future. The firebrand is vying for the seat in a whiter, wealthier and more Republican district, a recipe that could help keep the staunch conservative in Congress for another term.

Instead of seeking re-election in District 3, where she currently resides, Boebert set her sights on District 4, which is on the other side of the state. The move avoids a potentially challenging rematch with Democrat Adam Frisch, who outperformed in fundraising during the falland places Boebert in a district with demographics and politics more favorable to your choice.

Here’s more information on how the two districts compare.

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The shift from her current, more moderate district to the new one is an attractive move for someone like Boebert, who has aligned herself with the Donald Trump wing of the party and fought against the election of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as president when Republicans took control of the House in 2023.

The 4th has a higher proportion of Republican voters and 9.1 percentage point higher proportion of white residents compared to third, according to the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions.

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The Fourth District, anchored in Douglas County and encompassing the rural eastern plains, is also more prosperous than the former Boebert District, or any other district in the state. Four percent of families in District 4 reported income below the poverty level, compared to 8.8% of families in District 3, according to the Census Bureau.

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In the 2022 midterm elections, Boebert narrowly defeated Frisch with 546 votes in the closest Republican House race of the year. By comparison, Republican Rep. Ken Buck, whose soon-to-be-vacant seat Boebert is eyeing in the fourth spot, beat his Democratic opponent by more than 86,000 votes, or 24.3 percentage points.

Although she will be running in the most conservative district in the state, Boebert is not yet guaranteed a victory. The polarizing conservative has been embroiled in a series of scandals during her tenure, associating with the QAnon conspiracy movement and doing anti-muslim comments against his fellow representative Ilhan Omar. Boebert faces a crowded Republican primary field in the 4th District, including a radio host and a member of the state legislature.

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