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Varadkar says the reasons he resigned as leader of the ruling Fine Gael party are “mainly political”.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has announced his resignation as leader of the ruling Fine Gael party.

In Wednesday’s surprise announcement, Varadkar said he would also resign as prime minister as soon as a successor is chosen.

“I will resign from the presidency and leadership of Fine Gael and resign as taoiseach [prime minister] as soon as my successor can take over that role,” Varadkar told reporters in Dublin.

He said he had called for a new party leader to be elected on April 6, which would allow a new prime minister to be chosen after parliament’s Easter break.

Varadkar, 45, said it was the right time to step aside.

“My reasons for resigning now are personal and political, but mainly political,” he said without elaborating.

“I have nothing else planned, I have nothing in mind. “I have no defined personal or political plans,” she added.

Leo Varadkar after the announcement of voting results at a counting center during the Irish national election, in Citywest, Ireland, on February 9, 2020. [File: Lorraine O’Sullivan/Reuters]

Varadkar has served two terms as prime minister: between 2017 and 2020, and again from December 2022 as part of a job shared with Micheal Martin, head of coalition partner Fianna Fail.

When he was first elected prime minister, Varadkar was the youngest person to hold the office and the first gay prime minister of Irelanda country that was once staunchly Catholic.

Varadkar, who had an Irish mother and Indian father, was also Ireland’s first biracial prime minister.

He played a leading role in campaigns to legalize same-sex marriage, approved in a referendum in 2015, and to repeal the ban on same-sex marriage. abortionwhich was approved in a vote in 2018.

In his resignation statement, Varadkar said: “I am proud to have made the country a more equal and modern place.”

Varadkar has faced growing discontent within Fine Gael. Ten of the party’s legislators, almost a third of the total, have announced that they will not run for re-election.

Earlier this month, voters rejected the government’s position on referendums on two constitutional amendments.

Changes endorsed by Varadkar that would have expanded the definition of family and eliminated language about women’s role in the home were soundly defeated.

The result sparked criticism that the campaign for change had been lackluster and confusing.

Varadkar recently returned from Washington, where he met with President Joe Biden and other political leaders as part of the Irish prime minister’s traditional visit to the United States on St. Patrick’s Day.

The next elections must be called in early 2025.

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