Jeffrey Epstein list: Full list of names revealed in unsealed court records

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Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton are among more than 100 people named in newly-published legal documents linked to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The revelations in the first batch of court files include the names of victims, friends and associates of convicted sex offender and Ghislaine Maxwell – although many others will have no direct connection to Epstein.

The millionaire financier, who hobnobbed with royalty and celebrities, was accused of running a vast network of underage girls for sex. While awaiting trial, he committed suicide in his prison cell in 2019.

The legal documents relate to a defamation suit brought against Maxwell in 2015 and were published under a judge’s order on Wednesday.

The second tranche of documents released on Thursday evening did not shed much new light on the case and included many of the names previously made public.

The inclusion of names does not indicate any wrongdoing involving Epstein or anyone else.

Prince Andrew has been involved in legal papers mentioning the previously reported allegation that he harassed Johanna Sjöberg (which he denies). Former US Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are also named, with neither accused of wrongdoing. Judges, court staff and legal representatives are not included.

Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in 2019

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, Andrew Albert Christian Edwards, prince andrew

*-James Michael Ostrich

*-Eva Anderson

, Juan and Maria AlessiHusband and wife work on Epstein’s home in Florida

, Janusz Banasiak

*- Victoria Bean

*- Rebecca Boylan

, dana burns

, Jean Luc Brunel

* – Cate Blanchett

* – Naomi Campbell

* – Sharon Churcher

, Bill Clinton

, David Copperfield

, John Connelly

, alan dershowitz

* – Dr. Mona Devansen, treated virgina roberts

* – Dr. Chris Donahuetreated virgina roberts

* – Leonardo Dicaprio

*- Cameron Diaz

, glen and eva dublin

*-Ron Eppinger

, Daniel Estes

, annie farmerEpstein accused of sexual assault

, louis freeh

, alexandra fekai

, Frederick Fekai

, jo jo fontanella

*- Crustyal Figueroa

*- Tony Figueroa

, Eric Gainey

, meg garvin

* – Sheridan Gibson-Butte

, – Ross GowMaxwell’s press agent

, – al Gore

*-Fred Graff

*-Robert Guiffre

*- Philipp Guderian

, alexandra hall

*- Dr. Carol Hayek

* – Dr. John Harris, treated virgina roberts

*-Joanna Harrison

*- Shannon Harrison

* – Stephen Hawking

*- Victoria Hazel

*-Brittany Henderson

*- Brett Jaffe

, Michael Jackson

*-Forest Jones

, sarah kellenEpstein’s former assistant

, carol case

, – Dr. Karen Kutikoff

, Paul Lavery

* – Dr. Steven Olson

*-Stephen Kaufman

, wendy leigh

*- Dr. Judith Lightfoot

* – Peter Listerman

, tom lyons

, – Dr. Darshani Mazliana, treated virgina roberts

, Nadia Marcinkova

*- Bob Meister

*-Jamie Melanson

*-Lynn Miller

, marvin minxy

, -Donald Morrell

*-David Mullen

*-David Knorr

* – Joe Pagano

*- May Paluga

*-Stanley Pottinger

, Tom Pritzker

, detective joe rickeriInvestigation into reports of Epstein’s sexual abuse against children

, Major Michael ReiterResponsible for investigating sexual abuse against children by Epstein

, bill richardson

*- Rinaldo and Debra Rizzo

* -Sky Roberts

*-Kimblerly Roberts

*-Lynn Roberts

, Virginia RobertsNow known as Virginia Roberts Giuffre, accused Prince Andrew of sexual assault

, Haley Robson

, dave rogersPrivate jet pilot for Epstein

*-Alfredo RodriquezButler at Epstein’s Florida home

, Scott Rothinson

*- Forest Sawyer

*- flour shoatl

, johanna sjöberg, claims she was sexually abused by Epstein at a young age. It was also claimed that Prince Andrew touched her breast.

, kevin spacey

, george lucas

*Cecilia Stein

*-Marian Strong

*-Mark Tafoya

, amy taylorMaxwell’s former personal assistant

*Brent Tindall

*Kevin Thompson

*-Ed Tuttle

, Donald Trump

, – Les Wexner

* Crescenda Valdes

*-Emma Vaughan

*-Anthony Valladares

*- Christina VeneroLicensed Massage Therapist

* – Maritza Vazquez

, doctor wow wowtreated virgina roberts

*-Vicky Ward

*- Jared Weisfield

, sharon white

*- Courtney Wilde

, Bruce Willis

*- Daniel Wilson

, mark zeff

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