Jerrod Carmichael Criticized for Joking About Slavery, Playing Race With White BF

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Slavery, racial game joke provokes reaction

…’Self-hatred is crumbling’

comedian jerod carmichaelThe joke about playing a race-based role with her white boyfriend isn’t getting as many laughs as it is raising eyebrows and anger.

The controversial quip came on HBO’s “Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show”… where Jesse says, “I joke with him sometimes that our relationship is like a slave and his master’s son… who teaches me how to read candlesticks.” In the light.”


Just that opening line drew some jeers, but Jerrod insisted, “Yeah, he groans too because he’s a good person. He doesn’t like that corny joke. I like that joke. I think it’s my That burden is ***hilarious!!’

Of course, the scene, which debuted Sunday night, was posted and reposted all over Instagram … and sparked a firestorm of criticism, as people dismissed Jerrod’s joke as an inappropriate take on racial inequality .

Many commenters accused Jessie of showing self-loathing, while others said the entire “joke” was just lame. Arguably, the reaction to X got even worse, with some users labeling her a threat to the Black queer community.

It seems Jerrod is feeling the pinch because he took a step back by making his IG account private.

As far as publicly addressing the controversy is concerned…he is maintaining silence at the moment.

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