Jimmy Kimmel hints at possible lawsuit against Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers may soon add another title to his list of personal accolades.


Rodgers launched another attack on Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, suggesting that Kimmel’s name could appear on the long-awaited Jeffrey Epstein client list. Kimmel fired back with a not-so-subtle threat of a defamation lawsuit.

“There are a lot of people there, including jimmy kimmelReally hope this doesn’t come out,” Rodgers said of the Epstein client list during an appearance on Pat McAfee’s show, via Variety.com’s Michaela Zea.

Kimmel said on You will find my name in any ‘list’ other than fake ones. This is nonsense that soft minded idiots like you can’t differentiate from reality. Your careless words have put my family in danger. Keep it up and we will take you to court. I will debate the facts further.

The fight dates back to March, when Rodgers suggested during an appearance with McAfee that information about UFOs was released to distract from the Epstein client list. Kimmel mocked Rodgers for doing this.

Rodgers needs to tread carefully here. If he says Kimmel’s name appears on the Epstein client list without proof, Rodgers could actually be sued for defamation.

There is a broader business issue going on here. ESPN and ABC are generally owned by Disney. Rodgers appears regularly on McAfee’s show, which is currently an ESPN property. Rodgers is reportedly compensated in excess of $1 million annually for his weekly talks. Kimmel hosts ABC’s popular late-night show. Kimmel could (and frankly should) complain to the powers that be about ESPN giving a weekly platform to someone who spews reckless conspiracy theories and/or tells outright lies – especially key Disney employees. About this.

This could prompt ESPN to tell McAfee he needs to cut Rodgers loose. Given Rodgers’ importance to the rise of McAfee’s show, will McAfee bow out? Or will it potentially destroy the relationship between McAfee and ESPN just months after it began?

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