Jonathan Majors sentenced to domestic violence counseling for attacking ex-girlfriend

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New York — Actor Jonathan Majors sentenced to one year of counseling after being found guilty of domestic violence Harassing and assaulting your ex-girlfriend in New York City.

The judge granted a full protective order for Major’s ex-wife, Grace Jabbari, at sentencing Monday. If Major violates any of the terms of his sentence, he faces up to a year in jail.

The fallout from Major’s conviction on misdemeanor assault and harassment has proven far greater than any formal punishment.

In March 2023, Major was captured on camera pushing Jabbari back inside an SUV on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan after a heated argument.

The jury found that he twisted and injured Jabbari’s arm, and that he recklessly, but not intentionally, injured and distressed her during that altercation. led to his arrest,

Majors, 34, is best known for his roles in “Creed III” and Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” Following the decision, Marvel and Disney severed ties with Majors and dropped him from future projects. They also lost sponsorship deals.

In February, Majors’ attorney filed a motion asking the judge to vacate the verdict and acquit him of all charges. The proposal was rejected.

Jabbari appealed to the court to hold the majors accountable. he also filed civil suit against majorsAlleged that he had committed assault, battery and defamation against her.

“He is not sorry. He has not accepted responsibility and he will do it again. This is a man who believes he is above the law. Therefore, he poses a danger to those around him,” Jabbari said on Monday. Has happened.”

CBS New York tried to speak to Majors after the sentencing, but he did not respond to questions.

Major was acquitted of two charges that required prosecutors to show that he committed the act intentionally. He is appealing against the conviction.

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